Frigate ‘Méndez Núñez’ (F-104) starts her deployment in the Mediterranean Sea with the Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG-2).

Friday, March 05, 2021

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Frigate ‘Méndez Núñez’ starts her deployment with the SNMG-2.
Frigate ‘Méndez Núñez’ starts her deployment with the SNMG-2.
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Frigate ‘Méndez Núñez’ starts her deployment with the SNMG-2.
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Frigate ‘Méndez Núñez’ starts her deployment with the SNMG-2.
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Frigate ‘Méndez Núñez’ starts her deployment with the SNMG-2.
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The vessel will be flagship of the Group for three months.

Tuesday, March 9th 2021

The F-104, commanded by Cdr. Antonio Estevan García, has just departed towards her next area of operations in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, to relieve her sister ship frigate ‘Cristóbal Colón’. The ‘Méndez Núñez’ is scheduled to operate as flagship of NATO's Standing Maritime Group Number 2 (SNMG-2) under command of rear admiral Manuel Aguirre Aldereguía, assisted by his Staff made up of representatives from various NATO countries.

Frigate ‘Méndez Núñez’, after completing an intense readiness period, is prepared to assume the tasks entrusted to her by Spain and NATO. The 176 men and women that make up her own crew will be joined by 17 people from the Admiral’s Staff and 32 from the embarked force including a Marine Corps vessel protection detachment (VPD) and the embarked air unit’s support personnel.

Among other tasks, the ‘Méndez Núñez’ will conduct maritime surveillance missions in areas of interest in support of operation 'Sea Guardian'. This operation has been fighting terrorism and illegal activities in the Mediterranean Sea since 2001. Naval presence in allied ports is also planned in order to strengthen the ties between member states.

SNMG-2 is a naval force comprising surface and air units from various allied countries. The main purpose of this task group is to provide NATO with an immediate operational reaction capability in naval scenarios. The Spanish Navy has maintained a continuous presence in these groups for more than thirty years.

About the frigate 'Méndez Núñez'.

Frigate 'Méndez Nuñez', with hull number F-104, is the 4th ‘Álvaro de Bazán’-class unit which form the 31st Escort Squadron, stationed in Ferrol (NW Spain). She has a state-of-the-art design and remarkable military capabilities, with which the Navy contributes to achieve the objectives of national defense at the beginning of this new century. She was built by Navantia Shipyards in Ferrol and delivered to the Spanish Navy in March 2006. The ship was named in honor of the illustrious Spanish navy officer Casto Méndez Núñez.

She can operate in any naval scenario thanks to the security provided by her AEGIS combat system, turning her into a most valuable instrument at the service of the Spanish Government's foreign policy, not only through conventional operations, but also in peace missions, humanitarian aid or the enforcement of UN Security Council resolutions.


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