LPD ‘Castilla’ returns to Rota

Friday, May 07, 2021

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LPD ‘Castilla’ returns to Rota.
LPD ‘Castilla’ returns to Rota.
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LPD ‘Castilla’ returns to Rota.
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LPD ‘Castilla’ returns to Rota.
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LPD ‘Castilla’ returns to Rota.
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LPD ‘Castilla’ returns to Rota.
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LPD ‘Castilla’ returns to Rota.
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LPD ‘Castilla’ returns to Rota.

Friday, May 7th 2021

The amphibious ship ‘Castilla’ has just arrived at Rota Naval Base after having participated in Operation ‘Atalanta’, but bringing forward her return due to a breakdown in one of her propulsion shafts. The ‘Castilla’ had set sail last January 30th with a 260-strong component.

The ship was welcomed back in a ceremony presided over by the Fleet Commander, Admiral Eugenio Díaz del Río, among other military authorities.

Admiral Díaz del Río addressed the crew saying: ‘an unfortunate breakdown has forced to cancel the mission, but this should not cast a shadow over the excellent work carried out until now. You have been very professional and efficient, showing to society that the Spanish Navy is an instrument for peace and security. In the international sphere, Spain is one of the few nations that have contributed to the operation since the very beginning. With this deployment, Spain demonstrates its determination to defend our interests wherever they are at a stake. By enhancing our credibility, our society is safer. Your endeavors have been worthwhile’.

During the 98 days at sea, the ‘Castilla’ has sailed more than 14,000 nautical miles and has visited 20 vessels. On May the 14th the LPD is scheduled to dock at Navantia’s shipyards for repair works and overhaul.

The ‘Castilla’, currently under command of Captain Eduardo Guitian, has participated in different national and international operations and exercises, in addition to the 3 previous deployments in Operation ‘Atalanta’. Worth mentioning is her participation in the humanitarian-aid Operation ‘Hispaniola’ in Haiti, in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake.

Frigate ‘Navarra’ is the next ship that will join Operation ‘Atalanta’ after having successfully completed her operational qualification period. The Spanish Navy has been present in this operation since the year 2008.


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