AOR ’CANTABRIA’ integrates into the Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG-2)

AOR ’CANTABRIA’ integrates into the Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG-2)

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AOR ‘Cantabria’ (A-15)
AOR ‘Cantabria’ (A-15)
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AOR ‘Cantabria’ (A-15)

The auxiliary oiler and replenishment ship (AOR) ‘Cantabria’ (A-15) set sail to integrate into the Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG-2) to provide logistic support to the Task Group now under Italian command on board the frigate ‘Carlo Margottini’.

After a most comprehensive overhaul in July of last year, the A-15 conducted a series of readiness drills to certify her operational qualification to operate with the SNMG-2. Since then, the ship has also taken part in the national exercises ALBORÁN, FLOTEX-21 and the French-led exercise POLARIS-21.

The ‘Cantabria’ has a complement of 178 people including the embarked air unit personnel (‘Sea King’ helicopter) and a Marine Corps security team. The A-15 is under command of Cdr. Alberto Torres.

Under operational control of the Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM), this standing group is framed within NATO’s collective defense efforts and, as of 2005, can operate as a Rapid Reaction Force (VJTF-M).

This is the fifth time the A-15 integrates into this group. On this occasion the ship will be deployed for one and a half months. Her return is scheduled for the end of June.

Auxiliary Oiler and Replenishment ship ‘Cantabria’

The A-15 is one of the two auxiliary oilers and replenishment ships operated by the Spanish Navy (the other is the ‘Patiño’). They are designed to provide logistic support to units and forces deployed in faraway scenarios for prolonged periods of time. Thanks to their ample capabilities, these naval units can also operate as command ships.

The ship is equipped with the indigenous SCOMBA combat system which facilitates her integration into an international naval force.


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