Purpose of the mission

Purpose of the mission


OPV ‘TORNADO’ (P-44) African Deployment

The African continent, its western coast and the Gulf of Guinea in particular, is an area of interest for Spain, where the Spanish Armed Forces have maintained an intermittent presence since 2009, demonstrating Spain's commitment to the Security and Stability of this region.

The so-called African Deployment is a mission on the West African coast and the Gulf of Guinea, within the framework of the permanent operations of the Armed Forces, led by the Commander of the Operations Command (CMOPS) and conducted by the Commander of the Maritime Operations Command (CMOM), to implement maritime surveillance activities, enhancement of capabilities of coastal states and support to the defense diplomacy plan with the aim of improving regional maritime security and reinforcing the Spanish presence in the area.

Additionally, military cooperation activities are planned with those countries to foster mutual knowledge and trust, and help increase their maritime security capabilities, improving their coordination and cooperation procedures within the framework of the regional architecture for maritime security established in the Yaoundé process of 2013.

During her deployment in Africa, the OPV ‘Tornado’ will also support diplomatic delegations within the Defense Diplomacy Plan with the idea of promoting the fulfillment of defense policy objectives and strengthening Spain's presence in the region.

The P-44 is deploying from October to December, and is expected to visit Senegal, Ghana, Mauritania and Cameroon.


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