Purpose of the mission

Purpose of the mission

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AOR ‘Patiño’
AOR ‘Patiño’
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AOR ‘Patiño’

AOR ‘Patiño’ in SNMG-2

The auxiliary oiler and replenishment ship ‘Patiño’ integrated in NATO's Standing Maritime Group Number 2 (SNMG-2) is scheduled to deploy in the Mediterranean Sea between the months of September and December of this year.

The missions of these standing forces respond to the needs of a collective defense: NATO's main raison d’être. The SNMG-2, which is in high readiness and availability, is part of the maritime component of NATO’s Response Forces (NRF). Their main mission is to meet the defense requirements of the Allies against any threat, as well as to improve interoperability and cooperation with friendly countries.

During her integration into this maritime group, the ‘Patiño’ will contribute to underscore Spain's commitment to international security and defense of friendly and allied countries, participating in several naval and air exercises such as ‘DYNAMIC MARINER 20’, ‘DYNAMIC GUARD 20-2’, ‘MAVI BALINA 20’ or ‘NAIAS 20’.

During the deployment, the ship will have an Embarked Air Unit (UNAEMB in its Spanish initials) made up of a 19-strong crew and an SH-3D helicopter from the fifth aircraft squadron. The AOR has also embarked an Operational Security Team (EOS), composed of 11 Marines. In addition, the ship's sanitary capability has been augmented to ‘Role-1 Plus’ through the embarkation of a medical doctor and a dentist. Accordingly, the ‘Patiño’ has embarked a total complement of 187 men and women.

The ‘Patiño’ was designed following shipbuilding requirements of the Spanish Navy and the Royal Netherlands Navy in a joint construction project. In the course of her 25 years of service with the Spanish Navy, the ship has participated in numerous national and multinational operations and exercises.

As a Combat Supply Ship and faithful to its motto ‘I did not come to be served, but to serve’, the mission of AOR ‘Patiño’ is to maintain the combat capability of a naval force deployed in a distant theater of operations for extended periods of time. She was designed to support a ‘Task Group’ made up of one aircraft carrier, five frigates/escorts and up to twenty aircraft for 21 days, thus increasing the range and presence of a fleet of a maritime nation like Spain in areas far away from the national territory.


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