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4th Aircraft Squadron Coat of Arms
4th Aircraft Squadron Coat of Arms
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4th Aircraft Squadron Coat of Arms
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Overflying the city of Cadiz
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Flying past the training ship ‘Juan Sebastián de Elcano’
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Over the runway

Welcome to the website of the 4th Aircraft Squadron (Cessna Citation). As you can see, this Squadron is rather small in comparison with the other Spanish Navy Air Flotilla squadrons. Our calling to serve others is summarised in our motto: “Omnia Vincula Disrumpam” (break all chains). The Squadron has clocked up more than 40,000 flight hours in multiple missions supporting other Units all over Europe and Africa.

(Cessna Citation II)
WEIGHT EMPTY: 8,200 lbs. MAX. TAKEOFF WEIGHT: 14,500 lbs.
LENGTH 14.4 m.
SPEED 365 knots. (cruise speed)
HEIGHT 4,5 m.
RANGE 1,200 nm.
CREW Hasta 7 PAX. (3 Dotación)
CEILING 43,000 feet.
AVIONICS 2 VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Range)
2 DME (Distant Measuring Equipment)
2 ILS (Instrumental Landing System)
2 ADF (Automatic Direction Finder)
1 TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation)
RNAV GPS (Long Range Navigation)
1 Weather radar
2 FD (Flight Director)
1 AP (Automatic pilot)
2 IFF(Identificator Friend or Foe) Modo 3/A and C
2 Emergency beacons.
(Cessna Citation VII)
WEIGHT EMPTY: 14,000 lbs. MAX. TAKEOFF WEIGHT: 23,000 lbs.
LENGTH 16.7 m.
WINGSPAN 17.8 m.
SPEED 470 knots. (cruise speed)
HEIGHT 5.2 m.
RANGE 1,800 nm.
CREW Up to 7 pax. (3 crew)
CEILING 51,000 feet.
SENSORS 2 VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Range)
2 DME (Distant Measuring Equipment)
2 ILS (Instrumental Landing System)
2 ADF (Automatic Direction Finder)
RNAV GPS (Long Range Navigation)
1 Weather radar
2 FMS (Flight management system)
2 FD (Flight Director)
1 AP (Automatic pilot)
2 IFF (Identificator Friend or Foe) Mod. 3/A and C
2 Emergency beacons.
TCAS (Traffic collision avoiding system)
GPWS (ground proximity warning system)
ILS CAT II autopilot.

The Cessna aircraft from the 4th Squadron offer great versatility, as the configuration can change depending on the mission assigned. Their main task is logistic support to other Spanish Navy units: personnel and cargo transport; maritime surveillance, collaboration in manoeuvres and exercises; VIP transport; training flights and occasionally, medical support.

The 4th Aircraft Squadron is part of the Spanish Navy Air Flotilla with base in Rota Naval Base (Cádiz).

  • 3 Cessna Citation II (C-550)
  • 1 Cessna Citation VII (C-650)

The history of this Unit began in 1964 when a group of navy lieutenants (JG) attended a four-month pilot course at the “Cuatro Vientos” Air Club, with the idea of setting up an Air Unit to complement the missions which helicopters could not carry out.

In 1977 four “Piper” light planes were purchased and registered as navy aircraft setting up the 4th Squadron. In its coat of arms two groups of seagulls are separated by a chain with the motto: “Omnia Vincula Disrumpam” (break all chains). These turbo-prop planes were operational until 1992.

Meanwhile, in 1982 and 1983 two Cessna Citation II jet aircraft were incorporated to enhance the Squadron capabilities.

These jets were further upgraded with FLIR systems (Forward looking infra-red) to select targets during night flights. A third Cessna was purchased in 1989.

More recently, in March 2007, a fourth aircraft, a Cessna Citation VII, enhanced the capabilities of the Squadron with its electronic flight instrumental system.

These are some of the most important missions of the 4th Aircraft Squadron:

  • Maritime surveillance
  • Participation in exercises
  • Collaboration with Spanish Navy ships, units and facilities
  • VIP transport
  • Medical evacuations / SAR
  • Photographic reports

Since Spanish Navy ships are deployed all over the world in different international conflicts, this Squadron can fly anywhere in Europe to provide logistic support to Fleet units or other organisations.

Given the great versatility of the aircraft (e.g.: urgent transport of blood to Djibouti, support to a damaged submarine in Crete, maritime surveillance…), the flight crew is ready 24 hours a day all year round. Crews are in charge of piloting the aircraft, planning flights, logistic matters, diplomatic clearances, etc.

The Squadron complement consists of pilots and maintenance personnel.


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