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Coat of arms of the Patrol Boat "Infanta Cristina" (P-77)
Coat of arms of the Patrol Boat "Infanta Cristina" (P-77)
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Coat of arms of the Patrol Boat "Infanta Cristina" (P-77)
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Patrullero P-77 "INFANTA CRISTINA"
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Patrullero P-77 "INFANTA CRISTINA"
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Patrullero P-77 "INFANTA CRISTINA"

The “Infanta Cristina” is the fourth “Descubierta”-class corvette built by BAZAN in Cartagena and delivered to the Spanish Navy on November 24th 1980. Her sponsor was HRH Infanta Cristina. From September 2004 to June 2005, the corvette was converted into an Offshore Patrol Boat (P-77). Her home port is Cartagena.

Length: 88,8 m.

Beam: 10,4 m.

Draft: 4,5 m.

Displacement: 1.510 tons.

Speed: 25 kts.


  • 4 HARPOON missiles.
  • 1 76/62 OTO MELARA.
  • 1 20/120 OERLIKON machinegun.
  • 2 12.7 mm BROWNING machineguns
  • 4 Chaff launchers.


  • Air radar DA-05.
  • Surface radar ZW-06.
  • DT radar WM-25.
  • Navigation radar MD-3721.
  • Navigation radar KH-1007.
  • DOA DM-76.


  • 4 MTU engines.


  • FAS/RAS/VERTREP capabilities.
  • 2 RHIBs 6 MTS 130 HP.
  • 1 RHIB 7.5 MTS 200 HP.
  • 8 self-inflatable craft for 20 people each.

Crew: 89 people.

As a corvette, the “Infanta Cristina” took part in several national and NATO exercises. For many years, Spanish Navy midshipmen carried out their final year cruise in this, and her sister ship “Infanta Elena”. She participated, as part of a Multinational Force, in the UN naval blockade in the Red Sea during the 1991 Gulf War.

She participated, as part of a Multinational Force, in the UN naval blockade in the Red Sea during the 1991 Gulf War.The offshore patrol vessel ‘Infanta Cristina’ took part in the EU-led counter-piracy Operation ‘Atalanta’ in the Indian Ocean.

This ongoing operation is tasked with the escort of vulnerable shipping, especially World Food Program vessels transiting the Gulf of Aden. Other missions include the protection and control of fishing activities off the coast of Somalia.

During the year 2016, the OPV participated in many maritime security operations (MSO). These missions were focused on coastal surveillance of the illegal trafficking of people and illicit substances.

In 2017 the ship joined the so-called African Deployment collaborating with different African nations of the Gulf of Guinea, carrying out maritime security exercises and training activities with local naval divers.


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