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Admiral General Teodoro López Calderón
Admiral General Teodoro López Calderón
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Admiral General Teodoro López Calderón

Admiral General Teodoro López Calderón was born in Cartagena (Murcia) on May 3rd 1954. He joined the Spanish Navy in 1973 graduating as Lieutenant Jr. Grade on July 16th 1978. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1981, Lieutenant-Commander in 1990, Commander in 1997, Captain in 2003, Rear-admiral (LH) in 2008, Rear-admiral (UH) in 2011 and Vice-Admiral in November 2012. In March 2017 he was appointed Chief of the Spanish Navy and promoted to the rank of Admiral.

He has been Commander of the Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG-2), combining his post with that of Commander of surface units participating in the counter-terrorist Operation "Active Endeavor" in the Mediterranean Sea; the only "Article 5" operation in the history of the Atlantic Alliance.

Admiral López Calderón has also been Commander of the 41st Frigates Squadron, Commanding Officer of frigate "Cataluña", Commander of 2nd Minesweepers Squadron, and CO of offshore patrol boat "Villaamil". He has also been Chief of Staff of the 21st Escort Squadron and Staff member of the "Delta" Group; this task group was activated to monitor and seal the maritime borders of the Basque Country to prevent the smuggling of weapons and the clandestine trafficking of terrorist-related people.

Other at sea assignments include: corvette "Descubierta" and frigates "Asturias", "Extremadura" and "Numancia", the latter as member of the first crew. He was also integrated into the U.S. Command Staff of USCOMSOLANT (Commander South Atlantic Force, US Atlantic Fleet).

Ashore, Admiral López Calderón has served as Joint Operations Commander and Chief of Staff and Assistant to the Chief of Staff of the same Department. He had previously been President of the Spanish Section of the U.S-Spain Permanent Committee; Chief of Strategic Plans Section of the Plans Division of the Spanish Naval Staff; Chief of Operations Branch of the Naval Operational Command, and Adviser to the Minister of Defense in his Technical Cabinet.

He has attended several national and international courses, among them the Senior Course of NATO´s Defense College. He is a Naval Warfare graduate, a specialist in Electronics and Tactical Action Officer.

Admiral López Calderón has been awarded 23 military and civilian decorations, both national and international: Grand Cross, Badge and Commendation of the Spanish Order of "San Hermenegildo", Grand Cross of Naval Merit, Grand Cross of Aeronautical Merit, Grand Cross of the "Guardia Civil" (Gendarmerie), Officer of the Legion of Honor of the Republic of France, 1st Class St George's Cross of the Republic of Portugal, several Naval Merit crosses, the Police Merit Cross, the Silver Merit Cross of the "Guardia Civil", the U.S. Meritorious Service Medal, NATO´s Meritorious Service Medal and NATO´s (Article 5) "Active Endeavor" Medal, the Peruvian Naval Honor Merit Medal and Portuguese Naval Cross.

Admiral General Teodoro López Calderón is married and has five children.


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