The fleet replenishment ship ‘Cantabria’ visits the city of Cairns for the first time

Monday, April 22, 2013

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The ‘Cantabria’ is the first Spanish Navy ship to visit the city of Cairns
The ‘Cantabria’ is the first Spanish Navy ship to visit the city of Cairns
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The ‘Cantabria’ is the first Spanish Navy ship to visit the city of Cairns
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During her stay the ship will participate in the ‘ANZAC Day’ festivities
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During all voyages and exercises, different contingents of RAN personnel have embarked in the ‘Cantabria’

The fleet replenishment ship ‘Cantabria’ arrived at the port of Cairns in the State of Queensland in northeastern Australia. She is the first Spanish Navy ship to visit that city.

The ship will stay in port until April 26th and will take part in the festivities to celebrate the ‘ANZAC Day’ (April 25th).

ANZAC is the acronym of joint units of Australian and New Zeeland military contingents always characterized by their commitment and spirit of sacrifice in all battles where they have participated. The ANZAC Day has become a symbol of national identity for both nations. They honor and remember with pride and respect all those who gave their lives for their countries. On this occasion the crew of the ‘Cantabria’ will take part in the celebrations along with other RAN units.

During her deployment in the north of Australia, the ‘Cantabria’ will collaborate with two RAN units: ‘HMAS Sydney’ and ‘HMAS Parramatta’ with which joint training exercises will be carried out before sailing back to Sydney by May 15th. The ‘Cantabria’ is also visiting other important Australian ports like Darwin.

By now, the ‘Cantabria’ is fully integrated into the Royal Australian Navy since her arrival at Garden Island (Sydney), her ‘adoptive’ home base, last February.

The ship’s crew consists of 142 men and women under the command of Spanish Navy Commander José Luis Nieto. There are two crew rotations scheduled during the deployment, the first one at the end of May.

Apart from her own crew, several Australian military personnel have also embarked during the voyages, exercises and drills. They have integrated wonderfully in the daily routine of the ship.


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