The Special Naval Warfare Force deploys in Iraq.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

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The FGNE deploys in Iraq.
The FGNE deploys in Iraq.
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The FGNE deploys in Iraq.
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The FGNE deploys in Iraq.
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The FGNE deploys in Iraq.

This is the first time that the Spanish Navy, and more specifically the Special Naval Warfare Force (FGNE in its Spanish initials) will lead the Spanish Special Operations Tactical Group, since Spain began to participate in the “Inherent Resolve” operation a few years ago.

Members of the FGNE, which are part of the Spanish Special Operations Task Group (SOTG), started their deployment in Iraq on November 12th. Throughout this month the FGNE will relieve the Special Operations Command of the Spanish Army which has been deployed in the area for the last six months.

The farewell ceremony took place on October 25th at the ‘La Algameca’ Naval Station in Cartagena, chaired by the Commandant General of the Marine Corps, Major General Antonio Planels. The event was attended, apart from many Spanish Navy commands, by other chiefs and representatives from the Joint Special Operations Command of the Defense Staff, members of the Special Operations Command of the Army and the Air Force Parachuting Sapper Squadron.

The tactical group is made up of operational teams from the three special operations units of the Spanish Armed Forces (Army MOEs, Air Force EZAPAC and Spanish Navy FGNE).

Since the beginning of Spain’s contribution to this operation, the Spanish SOTG has always been composed of personnel and operational elements from the three special operations units.

The work of the Spanish SOTG is conducted within the framework of the combined action of the special operations forces of the coalition, joining the Joint-Combined Special Operations Force in Iraq, led by the United States and made up of SO units from several countries, whose objective is the military defeat of Daesh.

The contingent will be deployed in Baghdad and Al Taqaddum, and its mission will be to support the Iraqi Security Forces and Institutions fighting Daesh. This deployment is scheduled to last six months.


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