The auxiliary oiler and replenishment ship (AOR) ‘Patiño’ set sail from Ferrol (NW Spain) to integrate into the Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG-2).

Saturday, September 19, 2020

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AOR ‘Patiño’ set sail from Ferrol to integrate into the SNMG-2.
AOR ‘Patiño’ set sail from Ferrol to integrate into the SNMG-2.
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AOR ‘Patiño’ set sail from Ferrol to integrate into the SNMG-2.
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Relatives bidding farewell to crew members.
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Departure manoeuvers.

On September 19th the auxiliary oiler and replenishment ship (AOR) ‘Patiño’ (hull number A-14) set sail to join the Standing NATO Maritime Group No. 2 (SNMG-2) in the Mediterranean Sea until December this year.

During her deployment, a total crew of 187 men and women will be joined by personnel from the Embarked Air Unit (UNAEMB) made up of 19 servicemen to man and support the SH-3D helicopter; and an Operational Security Team made up of 11 Marines, plus a medical doctor and a dentist, who will increase the ship's medical capability to ‘Role-1 Plus’.

The operations of NATO’s standing forces respond to the demands of collective defense which is the fundamental purpose and raison d'être of NATO. The SNMG-2, which is in a situation of high readiness and availability, is part of the maritime component of NATO’s Response Force (NRF). Its main mission is to meet the defense requirements of allies by providing a naval group ready to react in the face of any threat, as well as to improve interoperability and cooperation with friendly and allied countries.

During its integration into this naval group, AOR 'Patiño' will contribute to underline Spain's commitment to international security and defense of friendly and allied countries, participating in various naval and air exercises such as ‘DYNAMIC MARINER 20’, ‘DYNAMIC GUARD 20-2’, ‘MAVI BALINA 20’ and ‘NAIAS 20’.


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