FLOTEX-21 Exercise Kicks Off

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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FLOTEX-21 Exercise Kicks Off
FLOTEX-21 Exercise Kicks Off
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FLOTEX-21 Exercise Kicks Off
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FLOTEX-21 Exercise Kicks Off
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FLOTEX-21 Exercise Kicks Off
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FLOTEX-21 Exercise Kicks Off

From October 25th to November 5th the waters of the Gulf of Cadiz and the Strait of Gibraltar will host FLOTEX-21, the largest exercises conducted by the Fleet.

It is an advanced exercise organized by the Spanish Navy intended to implement and assess the capabilities of the Naval Force, integrating in joint training drills all the different operational units and Staffs. This exercise brings to light the level of operability of most Fleet elements including, mine sweeping activities, anti-submarine, surface, anti-air and amphibious warfare.

The total number of units and personnel amounts to 50 units and 3,000 people; namely, the LHD ‘Juan Carlos I’, the LPD ‘Castilla’, F-80 and F-100 frigates, two Marine Corps battalions, Special Naval Warfare units, as well as the Italian Navy frigate ‘Luigi Rizzo’.

Participating air units include SVTOL ‘Harrier’ aircraft and a wide array of helicopters and UAS like the ‘Scan Eagle’. Aircraft from the Spanish Air Force and Army will also take part in this exercise.

FLOTEX-21 will be conducted by the Commander of the Spanish High Readiness Maritime Forces (COMSPMARFOR), Vice-admiral José María Núñez who will embark on the LPD ’Castilla’ along with his Staff.

For all those interested in following the developments of these manoeuvers, a daily report will be published in the ‘Life on Board’ Section of the Spanish Navy web site.


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