OPV ‘Audaz’ participates in NATO’s exercise ‘Dynamic Messenger 2022’

Monday, September 19, 2022

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‘Dynamic Messenger 2022’
‘Dynamic Messenger 2022’
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‘Dynamic Messenger 2022’
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USV ‘Kaluga’
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The Madrid-based company Utek created the USV ‘Kaluga’
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OPV ‘Audaz’ (P-45)

Exercise ‘Dynamic Messenger’ (DYMS 22), will take place in Portuguese waters between September 19th and the 30th, with the objective of integrating unmanned systems into current maritime operations. The exercise will be conducted by Headquarter Maritime Command (HQ MARCOM) under the auspices of Allied Command Transformation (ACT) with participation of dozens of unmanned systems (air, surface and underwater), two allied naval groups from the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), and multiple naval units under their respective national commands, including the Spanish Navy offshore patrol vessel (OPV) ‘Audaz’. Exercise ‘DYMS 22’ is the first exercise with unmanned systems under NATO’s command, and the first occasion in which such a large number of unmanned systems will operate in a coordinated manner alongside conventional naval forces.

Offshore patrol vessel ‘Audaz’ in DYMS 22

The Spanish level of ambition for DYMS 22 has been one of the highest among our allied partners, demonstrating Spain’s commitment to the Alliance and the Navy's commitment to digital transformation and national technology. An innovative Spanish defense industry allows the Navy to maintain a high technological level, which –in turn– is translated into security, welfare and prosperity of the Spanish people. The OPV ‘Audaz’ participates in DYMS 22 with 4 unmanned systems physically and logically integrated into the ship. This means that in addition to controlling the vehicles from on board, their sensors are integrated into the ship's own combat system. The ‘Audaz’ is scheduled to participate in multiple exercises and drills like Force Protection (FP), Harbor Protection (HP), maritime surveillance, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (IS), boarding, and Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA).

Participating Spanish companies

Four Spanish companies are participating in the Spanish contribution to DYMS 22. ‘Marine Instruments’, based in Pontevedra, is the creator of the UAV ‘Airfox’, an unmanned air vehicle oriented towards the detection, tracking and surveillance of targets. ‘Utek’, based in Madrid, has created the USV "Kaluga", an unmanned maritime surface vehicle focused on the defense of maritime installations and ships. The USV ‘Sead 23’ is also an unmanned surface vehicle product of the Vigo-based ‘Seadrone’, which is highly maneuverable and stealthy. Finally, the USV ‘Vendaval’ is Navantia's proposal for maritime rescue and port and environmental protection tasks. Navantia has also been responsible for the integration of all the vehicles in the ship’s combat system.


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