The 41 Escort Squadron has participated in Exercise MAR-23-2 in the Gulf of Cadiz, in a simulated high intensity scenario.

Monday, April 24, 2023

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A/A exercise with an F-18.
A/A exercise with an F-18.
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A/A exercise with an F-18.
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RAS with RSNF ‘Hail’.
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Firing and flare exercises.
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Frigates in formation.
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Frigates in formation.
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Frigates in formation.
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Frigates in formation with the Saudi corvette ‘Hail’.
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Frigate alongside the Saudi corvette.
9 / 9
Frigate ‘Numancia’ escorting a cargo vessel.

Last Monday 17th, the Spanish Navy F-80 frigates ‘Santa María’, ‘Numancia’ and ‘Canarias’ set sail to participate in Exercise MAR-23-2 in waters of the Gulf of Cadiz and the Alboran Sea.

During this exercise, which concluded on Friday 21st, the naval units participated in a simulated high intensity scenario to test the different capabilities of the warships involved. In the course of the five-day deployment a series of drills were scheduled including anti-missile and A/A defense, gun fire against surface targets and escort of civilian vessels. At a given time, the task force came to operate up to five warships incorporating another F-80 frigate, the ‘Victoria’, and the Royal Saudi Naval Forces corvette ‘Hail’. The latter is the last corvette ordered by Saudi Arabia and built by ‘Navantia’. The advanced training and sea trials of those corvettes are being planned and organized by the Spanish Navy.

The participation of Spanish Air Force ‘Eurofighters’, F-18s and C-101s, along with the Army’s Coastal Artillery Regiment Num. 4, provided added value to the training drills. Other participating agencies included air and maritime assets from the Customs Surveillance Service.

This type of missions are key training exercises for the units and personnel involved, and help safeguard the maritime interests of Spain. The organization and execution of Exercise MAR-23-2 was carried out by the Command of the 41st Escort Squadron to which the participating frigates belong.


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