EUROMARFOR to participate in Exercise ESP MINEX-23 with its Mine Countermeasures Force off the coast of Alicante and the Balearic Islands.

Friday, May 05, 2023

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Three ‘Segura’ class minehunters.
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French minehunter ‘Lyre’ (M-648)
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Italian minehunter ‘Viareggio’ (M-5559)

Next May 8, the MCM EUROMARFOR will be activated in Porto Pi Naval Station to participate in Exercise ESP MINEX-23.

ESP MINEX 23 is an advanced MCM warfare exercise that will be carried out in waters of the Balearic Islands and Alicante from May 8 to 19, led by the Commander of the Mine Action Force (COMTEMECOM), Captain Javier Ruiz Ruiz de Cortázar, in which 14 ships will participate: eight from the Spanish Navy, two from the Italian Navy, one from the French ‘Marine Nationale’, two from the Turkish Naval Forces and one from the Hellenic Navy, as well as one helicopter (SH60F) from the Navy's Fifth Aircraft Squadron and the Mine Countermeasures Diving Unit (UBMCM), together with diving units specialized in mine warfare. Unmanned underwater vehicle operated by teams from Belgium and the United States will also participate and observers from the Romanian Navy.

EUROMARFOR is a non-permanent Multinational Maritime Force with air, naval and amphibious capability set up in 1995 by Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, to develop the missions defined in the ‘Petersberg Declaration’ which include: humanitarian missions, peacekeeping, crisis response operations, preventive deployments, maritime patrol, mine clearance and peace enforcement operations.

The Command of EUROMARFOR (COMEUROMARFOR) rotates every two years between the four participating countries. Spain exercises now the command of this Force, entrusted to the Fleet Commander (ALFLOT) from September 2021 to September 2023.

Cdr. José M. Liarte Ros, Commander of the First Minehunter Squadron, will exercise tactical command at sea of the EUROMARFOR MCM Group, made up on this occasion of 3 Spanish Navy minehunters (‘Segura’, ‘Sella’ and ‘Duero’), 1 French minehunter (‘Lyre’), 1 Italian minehunter (‘Viareggio’) and an Italian officer as part of his General Staff.

EUROMARFOR's participation in this exercise shows the commitment of its member nations to maintain the readiness of the Force, providing a safer maritime environment.


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