The OPV ‘Atalaya’ concludes a Maritime Surveillance and Security Operation.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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Dawn in the vicinity of the Isle of Alboran.
Dawn in the vicinity of the Isle of Alboran.
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Dawn in the vicinity of the Isle of Alboran.
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A member of the ship’s crew conducting performance-based navigation.
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Firing drills.
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The ‘Atalaya’ docked in the port of Malaga.

The offshore patrol vessel (OPV) ‘Atalaya’ set sail last July 1st from Ferrol (NW Spain) to conduct a maritime surveillance and security operation around the Strait of Gibraltar and the Alboran Sea. The main purpose of the deployment was to warrant the security of the maritime areas of national sovereignty. In addition, the ‘Atalaya’ also provided support to NATO’s Operation ‘Sea Guardian’ and the EU’s mission FRONTEX-INDALO.

As part of the endeavors aimed at enhancing the awareness of the designated maritime domain, the ship conducted shipping and fishing control tasks and contributed to the security of the regional sea lines of communication in coordination with the COVAM (Spanish Navy’s Operations and Surveillance Center). The OPV also contributed to the surveillance and protection of the underwater archaeological heritage and the areas of special environmental importance included in the ‘Life IP Intermares’ Project. (Nature 2000 Network).

While participating in all those activities, the crew of the ‘Atalaya’ also engaged in a series of training drills with the Special Operations Squad on board.

The ‘Atalaya’ called at the port of Malaga where open days were organized so that the local population could visit the ship and learn of her activities. After sailing more than 2,250 nautical miles in the course of 14 day’s runs, the OPV returned to her home port on July 15th.


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