Frigate ‘Navarra’ collaborates in a charity activity in Djibouti

Tuesday, August 01, 2023

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A family photo at the end of the day
A family photo at the end of the day
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A family photo at the end of the day
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A Chief Petty Officer drawing with some children
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Playing basket

Last July 27th, and on the occasion of the deployment in Operation ‘Atalanta’, frigate ‘Navarra’ called at the port of Djibouti and visited a Caritas-run orphanage in that city. A group of crew members had the chance to share a day with the children.

The ‘Navarra’ brought school supplies, stationary, clothes, food and toys which had been previously collected by the ship’s crew and, above all, by the Religious Support Services of Rota Naval Base. Both, the children and the volunteers working in that center, expressed their gratitude for the donations.

The Caritas Orphanage in Djibouti admits children, most of them immigrants, who otherwise would live in the streets. They offer shelter, assistance as well as education and playgrounds.

After delivering the material and talking with the volunteers about their work in the institution, the crew members had the opportunity to spend the day with the children and play soccer and basketball with them.


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