Exercises ‘DYNAMIC MESSENGER 23’ concluded

Friday, September 29, 2023

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Simultaneous drills with UXVs
Simultaneous drills with UXVs
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Simultaneous drills with UXVs
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The ship’s CO with the crews of the unmanned vehicles
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The ‘Alpha 900’ unmanned vehicle
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‘M5D-Airfox’ unmanned air vehicle (UAV)
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‘SEAD-23’ unmanned surface vehicle (USV)
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VBSS and Operational Security team of OPV ‘Furor’ (P-46)

Today the ‘Dynamic Messenger’ exercises have concluded. The main objective was the integration of unmanned systems into the current maritime operations. In this edition, numerous exercises and drills were carried out with unmanned maritime and aerial vehicles (UXV), all of them designed and produced by Spanish companies and sponsored by the Spanish Navy.

It is worth mentioning the particular relevance of the Navy's active participation in these exercises with the offshore patrol vessel (OPV) ‘Furor’.

One of the most significant aspects of these exercises was the integration of the different vehicles into the ship's combat system (SCOMBA) with which it was possible to carry out the control and exchange of information in real time between the ship and the unmanned vehicle through a 5G broadband tactical bubble, created from a node installed in the ship.

These exercises have boasted the Navy's commitment to modernize its equipment, adapting it to new tactical scenarios, updating the procedures and tactics. In addition, it shows a great commitment of the Spanish Navy with the national defense industry, improving and strengthening relations and supporting research, development and innovation of systems and equipment, enhancing our capabilities to face possible threats to national defense and security. On the other hand, it has also contributed to strengthening the deterrence and defense posture of the Euro-Atlantic region as active and reliable members of NATO.

‘Dynamic Messenger-23’ has been a remarkable scenario to exhibit to other allied navies and NATO partners –as well as international companies and/or experts of this sector–  the new UXV prototypes developed by our national defense industry with the capability of being integrated into the combat systems of different warships.

The success of these maneuvers was also reflected in the ‘Media Day’ held aboard OPV ‘Furor’. A total of 30 journalists embarked to witness the deployment of unmanned vehicles on board the ship during the exercises. This day began with a welcoming briefing by the ship’s Commander. A static exhibition of two UAVs (Alpha 900 and Airfox) was conducted on board and they subsequently were able to witness a simultaneous exhibition of all the unmanned aerial and surface means.


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