The Spanish Navy shows its commitment with the sports.

Friday, October 06, 2023

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Commemorative photo of the agreement between the Spanish Navy and ONCE.
Commemorative photo of the agreement between the Spanish Navy and ONCE.
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Commemorative photo of the agreement between the Spanish Navy and ONCE.

The Spanish Navy and its activities have always been linked to sports and physical activity. With the purpose of collaborating with the civilian and sporting society, several units of the Navy have carried out different events and collaboration endeavors with civilian associations.

One of the most recent and outstanding event has been the agreement between the ‘Spanish National Organization for the Blind’ (ONCE in its Spanish initials) and the Navy for the use of the Navy's sports facilities in Madrid by the Spanish Federation of Sports for the Blind. The agreement was signed on Wednesday, October 4 at the Navy Headquarters by Admiral Gonzalo Sanz Alisedo, Chief of Personnel, and the president of the ONCE Social Group, Miguel Carballeda.

September has been an exceptional month in terms of collaborations. In the maritime area of Ferrol, several units have collaborated with civilian sports entities. The Navy’s School of Specialties ‘Antonio de Escaño’ and the Ferrol Athletics Club agreed to participate in initiatives such as the use of facilities, the organization of athletics days or the collaboration of trainers in the sports classes of the students. Several members of the Marine Corps’ Tercio Norte participated in an early season preparation course organized by the Galician Basketball Federation at the ‘Palacio Provincial de los Deportes’ in the city of Lugo, in which a group of referees shared their expertise on leadership and military values. Another highlight was the visit of the Ferrol Racing Soccer team to the frigate ‘Blas de Lezo’ on the occasion of its promotion to the 2nd Division of Spanish League. The team had previously been twinned with another F-100 frigate, the ‘Almirante Juan de Borbón’.

One of the most significant civic-military sporting events in September was the FAN-PIN ‘Miguel de Cervantes’ race organized by the Tercio de Armada. More than 700 participants ran in the 7th edition of the race held in San Fernando, a race that consists of 8 kilometers that combine land, mud, water and numerous obstacles, and is part of the usual training of the military Marines. On this occasion, and to support the event, an SH-60F helicopter and the ‘Armed Forces’ hot air balloon were present in the area. The proceeds from the registration fees of this charity race were donated to different organizations of the city of San Fernando.

A documentary to promote the ‘Vuelta Ciclista a Hispania Sub 23’ was presented at the Navy’s NCO School, and in this edition of the ‘Vuelta Ciclista Hispania’, the ‘Armada’ jersey was presented, which was awarded as a prize for combativeness according to the RFEC regulations and is worn in the race by its daily winner. In addition, several members of the Navy also participated in the coordination and awards ceremony.

In the field of military athletics, the 19th National Military Triathlon Championship was held in Aguilas (Murcia), with participation of teams representing the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Royal Guards, the Military Emergency Unit and the Civil Guard. The Autumn Trophy 2023 was also held at the Navy’s Sports Facilities in Madrid, a 5,000-meter race held on the athletics track.

The Spanish Navy's sports ‘par excellence’ is sailing. One of the most outstanding events in the country was the Great Regatta 2023 ‘Tall Ship Races Magallanes-Elcano’ held in Cadiz, where the Navy collaborated with the frigate ‘Numancia’ and 2 ‘Harrier’ AV8B+ of the Aircraft Flotilla.

The Marín Naval Academy is a reference in the world of sailing at regional and national level, both as an organizer of regattas and in competition. In September, the Midshipmen Regatta was organized with the collaboration of the ‘Real Club Náutico’ of Vigo and the 38th Prince of Asturias Trophy, organized by ‘Monte Real Yacht Club’ of Baiona with the collaboration of the Naval Academy. In addition to participating in these regattas, it also took part in the 8th edition of the Juan Carlos I regatta.

The Navy, in its commitment to the Spanish society, promotes sports, especially sailing, organizing or collaborating with public and private organizations in the development of sporting events, both at basic and high competition level, and in this sense, during this year it has carried out different sporting activities and agreements with sporting institutions.


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