The submarine ‘Isaac Peral’ (S-81) is delivered to the Spanish Navy.

Thursday, November 30, 2023

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The submarine’s crew during the ceremony.
The submarine’s crew during the ceremony.
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The submarine’s crew during the ceremony.
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The AJEMA delivering his speech.
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Hoisting the Spanish flag on the submarine.
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Signing the delivery documents.
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The battalion in formation.
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Sail of the S-81.

The S-81 submarine ‘Isaac Peral’ has been delivered to the Spanish Navy today in the course of a ceremony in Cartagena Naval Base. The submarine, built by Navantia, is of particular importance for the Submarine Flotilla as an example of industrial excellence.

The ceremony, attended by many civilian and military authorities, was presided over by the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, accompanied by the Chief of Staff of the Spanish Navy (AJEMA), Admiral General Antonio Piñeiro.

The formalities commenced with the signing of the delivery document from Navantia to the Ministry of Defense, and then, from the Ministry to the Spanish Navy. After that, the Commander of the Submarine Flotilla proceeded to hand over the command of the ship to Lt-Cdr. Manuel Corral. The Spanish flag was hoisted on the flagpole, the Navy’s anthem was sung and a ‘family photo’ was taken with the submarine’s first crew.

The delivery of the S-81 is an essential moment in the recent history of the Spanish Navy and at the same time a moment of pride for the entire institution and for the people who make up the Submarine Service in particular. It is an essential moment in the recent history of the Navy and the defense industry.

The Submarine Flotilla has a long and extensive experience of more than 100 years in the operation of submarines, and the S-80 program guarantees the continuity of the Navy's Submarine Service.

The crew has undergone a rigorous training and certification process during the entire sea trials process, allowing them to gain in-depth knowledge of the platform so that the submarine can be operated safely, both on the surface and submerged. The prospective crew (first crew of the ship) has passed 1,500 hours of simulator training before beginning the sea trials.

The S-80 Program represents a substantial technological leap forward compared to its predecessor, the S-70. It boasts an Integrated Platform Control System and a Combat System which results in a high degree of automation, significantly reducing the number of people required to operate the submarine. This project has been the biggest challenge for Spanish shipbuilding to date.

With the delivery of the ‘Isaac Peral’ (S-81) the Navy incorporates a new unit, demonstrating that it has the necessary resources to maintain and update the capabilities of a technologically advanced, balanced and expeditionary Naval Force, capable of facing present and future challenges, and effectively fulfilling its mission. Investing in the Navy results in better security, welfare and prosperity for the Spanish people, as well as boosting the Spanish economy through its contribution to national industry, technological innovation, research and the creation of highly qualified jobs.


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