Frigate ‘Navarra’ returns home after participating in Exercise ‘Dynamic Manta 2024’

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

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Frigate ‘Navarra’ in Sicilian waters
Frigate ‘Navarra’ in Sicilian waters
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Frigate ‘Navarra’ in Sicilian waters
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The SH-60B from the ‘Navarra’ with the Spanish submarine ‘Galerna’
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RAS with the USNS ‘Patuxent’
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A reception on board during a port call in Naples

After leaving Rota Naval Base last February 19th and during her transit to integrate into the Exercise, the frigate conducted a series of intense training drills along with the embarked helicopter to enhance the capabilities of the frigate/helicopter binomial, mainly in anti-submarine warfare (ASW) before the beginning of the manoeuvers.

The ship called first at the port of Catania (Italy) for planning and coordination meetings and later sailed to integrate into the rest of the units to participate in an intense 12-day calendar of anti-submarine exercises. In the final stage of the Exercise (DYMA-24), the ‘Navarra’ operated as flagship of the ASW manoeuvers, a two-day tactical exercise.

A total of seven surface warships, six submarines and seven MPA aircraft from nine different NATO nations took part in ‘Dynamic Manta 24’. With all her full capabilities at her disposal, the ‘Navarra’ had the chance to train in multiple types of ASW scenarios namely, search, tracking and attack; protection of valuable units, establishing antisubmarine barriers, use and control of aircraft, deployment and processing of sonobuoys, etc.

The ‘Navarra’ had also the opportunity to conduct a replenishment at sea (RAS) operation under a submarine threat with the USNS ‘Patuxent’ and analyze the capabilities of the CAPTAS-IV sonar of the Italian Navy frigate ‘Margottini’.


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