The offshore patrol vessel ‘Infanta Cristina’ is decommissioned after 43 years of service in the Spanish Navy

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

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Last lowering of the flag in the OPV ‘Infanta Cristina’
Last lowering of the flag in the OPV ‘Infanta Cristina’
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Last lowering of the flag in the OPV ‘Infanta Cristina’
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The flag is disembarked from the ship
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The flag is handed over to the Admiral of the Cartagena Arsenal
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The last crew of the P-77 ashore
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The offshore patrol vessel ‘Infanta Cristina’ (P-77)

Today, March 20th the offshore patrol vessel (OPV) ‘Infanta Cristina’ concluded her commendable service in the Spanish Navy after 43 years. The poignant ceremony was presided over by the Commander of the Cartagena Arsenal, Vice Admiral Alejandro Cuerda. The ship has sailed more than 630,000 nautical miles visiting 87 national and international ports and has had 29 commanding officers.

The vessel was originally designed as a corvette and participated in many national exercises in addition to the end-of-term training cruise of the new midshipmen. The ‘Infanta Cristina’ also took part in many NATO exercises and operations, actively participating in the Gulf War as part of the Multinational Interception Force in the Red Sea to enforce the UN naval blockade. The ship also participated in the embargo operation in the Adriatic Sea during the conflict in former Yugoslavia.

From September 2004 to June 2005, the ship was transformed from corvette to offshore patrol vessel with the hull number P-77. Since then, the vessel has cooperated with Operation ‘UNIFIL’, ‘Atalanta’, integrated into EUNAVFOR fighting piracy off the coast of Somalia and the Cooperative Security mission in the Gulf of Guinea supporting the State’s Foreign Action.

Regarding national missions, since the creation in 2013 of the Maritime Operational Command, the P-77 carried out 44 maritime security missions (MSO), contributing to the control of spaces of national sovereignty and interest, improving the awareness of the maritime domain. During these tasks, she collaborated and actively supported other public departments with responsibilities  in maritime issues such as SASEMAR, DAVA or the Civil Guard (Gendarmerie) controlling shipping, search and rescue of shipwrecked people, fishing surveillance and the fight against drug trafficking.


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