The multi-purpose vessel ‘Carnota’ conducts towing manoeuvers in collaboration with the Search and Rescue Society (SASEMAR) before her entry into service

Monday, March 25, 2024

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Towing manoeuvers with the SAR ship ‘Gavia’
Towing manoeuvers with the SAR ship ‘Gavia’
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Towing manoeuvers with the SAR ship ‘Gavia’
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Crew on the ship’s bridge
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Deployment of a rescue net
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Crew during training drills

The first towing manoeuvers conducted by the new multi-purpose ship ‘Carnota’ (A-61) on March 20 with the civilian SAR vessel ‘Gavia’, is one of the milestones before her final entry into service scheduled for next June. This exercise has been key to adjust and test all the towing machinery of the ship.

Since her delivery to the Spanish Navy on December 4 of last year, the ‘Carnota’ has been carrying out weekly trainings to manage and control all the capabilities of this versatile platform including the possibility of towing other vessels.

In addition to towing other large ships, other capabilities of the ‘Carnota’ include fuel and water supply to other units or islands of Spanish sovereignty off the Northern African coast; transport of personnel, ammunition, craft, vehicles and different materials. The ship is capable of transporting up to four large containers (20 feet) or eight 10-foot containers.

The ship is also adequately fitted to carry out search and rescue operations, fight marine pollution, and conduct vertical replenishment operations (VERTREP and VOD) with aircraft. Other potential capabilities still to be defined are support activities to Operational Diving Teams and operation of remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV), craft that are very important in SAR operations of submarines.


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