The Personnel Admiral is the authority responsible for the management, administration and control of the human resources of the Spanish Navy.

Through this structure the Personnel Head Office conducts its activities related to the planning, management, integration of human resources, administration, assistance to personnel, teaching, doctrine, medical support and implementation of social policies.

This is the organization chart of the Personnel Head Office (JEPER)

  • Auxiliary Department to the Head Office
  • Education Directorate (DIENA)
    • Schools and other departments
  • Personnel Directorate (DIPER)
    • Recruitment Office
    • Personnel Support departments
    • Management secretariat
  • Personnel Assistance Directorate (DIASPER)
    • Personnel Assistance regional administrations
  • Health Services Directorate
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Escudo de la Jefatura de Personal de la Armada
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Organigrama de la Jefatura de Personal de la Armada

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