Submarines School

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Welcome to the website of the Submarine School (ESUBMAR).

In here you will learn of the organization and teaching activities of the Center. This School is the ‘Alma Mater’ of the Spanish Navy submarines and is located in Cartagena Naval Base.

Its main mission is threefold:

  • Training submariners with courses to attain the Specialty in Submarines for Officers on the one hand, and Suitability certificates for Non-Commissioned Officers, Leading Seamen and Ratings, on the other.
  • To offer more than 40 courses on different aspects of submarine warfare.
  • Updating and training submarine crews in the School’s simulators.

The School has modern multimedia classrooms and different simulators covering several aspects of the submarines: Propulsion, Platform Management, Tactics and Water Leaks. Other facilities include: Special labs for hydrophone operators and reverse osmosis, water tanks for free scape drills, etc. This training is completed with exercises on board the submarines on the part of expert and experienced lecturers with accredited professional proficiency.

The School also organizes specialized courses for submariners in different areas and has a dedicated language school focused on the use of technical language in English and French.

Another important aspect in the life of submariners is physical training and, to this end, many activities especially designed for our personnel are regularly organized in the sports facilities of Cartagena Naval Station.


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