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Fragata "Blas de Lezo"
Fragata "Blas de Lezo"
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Fragata "Blas de Lezo"
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Fragata "Blas de Lezo"
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Fragata "Blas de Lezo"
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Fragata "Blas de Lezo"

This frigate was built by NAVANTIA in its Ferrol Shipyards; launched on May 16th 2003 and delivered to the Spanish Navy on December 16th 2004.

Other naval units with the same name were:
  • A steamer (19th century)
  • A gunner (19th century)
  • A cruiser (1920)
  • A destroyer (last quarter of the 20th century)

The coat of arms is that of the famous admiral Blas de Lezo y Olavarrieta, born in Pasajes (Guipuzcoa) in 1689.

Its motto: “Ornatus mei arma sunt requies mea pugnare”. (My adornments are my weapons; my relief, the combat).

The crew consists of 202 people (22 officers, 35 NCOs, 104 Petty officers 2nd class, 41 ratings). Depending on the missions entrusted the ship can embark other personnel like a Staff when operating as a Command Ship, flight crews to operate and maintain the SH-60B, or a Marine Corps detachment.

The “Blas de Lezo” is a modern ship. Although accommodation in a warship is limited and austere, habitability is comfortable and cosy, both at sea and ashore.

The ship spends around 100 days per year out of base in Ferrol, most of them in foreign ports and waters, collaborating with ships from all over the world.

Apart from standard missions as Fleet escort and participation in different national and international exercises, the ship has taken part in the following activities:

  • Equipment tests and missile launchings in the West coast of the US (2005).
  • Command ship of the NATO SMNG-2 in 2006.
  • Participation in exercise AGAPANTHE 07 along with the French CHARLES DE GAULLE carrier group in the Mediterranean and Red Sea (2007).
  • Command ship of the NATO SMNG-1 in 2008.
  • Participation in operation “Allied Protector” against piracy in Somalia (2009).
  • Participation in exercise BRILLIANT MARINER 10 along with the French CHARLES DE GAULLE carrier group in the North Sea (2010).
  • MECO advanced exercises in Toulon (France) where the military capabilities of a warship are assessed by the French Navy during 5 weeks.

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