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Value of the loyalty
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Value of the loyalty
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Sense of duty
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Value of the integrity
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Value of the Comradeship

In the Spanish Navy, an institution which is part of the history of Spain, modernity coexists with deep-rooted military and seafaring customs and traditions.

The Spanish Navy has great prestige home and abroad gained through participation in many missions, both in peacetime and in moments of crisis or conflict, whenever the Spanish Government so requests.

Each one of us, as members of the Navy, is an heir and beneficiary of such social and international prestige.

The men and women who make up the Spanish Navy are characterised by the following values:

Value of the loyalty


Commitment based on mutual confidence

This quality implies a personal and unselfish alliance, and a commitment based on mutual confidence. This commitment is reciprocal between superiors and subordinates, between comrades-in-arms and the Institution with its members.

Sense of duty


Faithful fulfilment of duties

The sense of duty implies faithfully fulfilling one's duties without the need of direct orders. It is a quality which must guide the daily conduct of Spanish Navy members.

Value of the integrity


Always behave with honesty, sincerity and uprightness

This quality leads people to act with honesty, sincerity and uprightness, fulfilling the ethical and moral values that are necessary to carry out with responsibility the duties and principles of the profession.



Willpower and determination

Willpower and determination to deal with exceptional situations, and undertake great ventures; a courageous person will be able to face any danger and challenge however demanding. It is a quality that any adversary respects.

Value of the Comradeship


Fosters team work and tightens the bonds of friendship

A basic quality whenever one has to live closely together with other people in the same team sharing the same circumstances. It is a fundamental quality in military life, ever more necessary when the circumstances are more challenging. Comradeship fosters team work and tightens the bonds of friendship.

In the Spanish Navy you will share these and other qualities and virtues, which will enrich you as a person.


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