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10th Aircraft Squadron Coat of Arms
10th Aircraft Squadron Coat of Arms
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10th Aircraft Squadron Coat of Arms
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SH-60B on a flight deck covered in snow
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SH-60B on a flight deck
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SH-60B during HIFR (Helicopter In-Flight Refueling)

No naval force can be fully operational without a strong, robust and modern air arm, and the spearhead of the Spanish Navy is this 10th Squadron. With state-of-the-art SH-60Bs, this Unit has operated in most scenarios. This brief summary will give you an overview of our daily life and operations. Welcome to the website of the 10th Aircraft Squadron.

The Squadron is made up of 12 Sikorsky SH-60B Block I Core B ("Sea Hawk")

10th Aircraft Squadron (Sikorsky SH-60B "Sea Hawk")
WEIGHT EMPTY: 13,648 lbs.  MAX. TAKEOFF WEIGHT: 21,700 lbs.
LENGTH 19.76 m.
HEIGHT 5.8 m.
RANGE 4 hours.
CREW Up to 5 pax.
WEAPONS Mk-46 torpedoes 1 “Penguin” AGM-119 or 4 “Hellfire” AGM-114K/R missiles 12.7 mm GAU-16 machinegun Sonobuoy launcher Laser designator.
CEILING 13,000 feet.
SPEED Max: 180 knots.
Interrogator IFF
APS-124 surface radar
Magnetic anomalies detector (MAD)
EW detector
Night Vision Goggles
Chaff and decoy launchers

This multipurpose helicopter is very versatile and has great capabilities. It can be employed in a number of missions with different roles. The main ones are:

  • Surface Warfare (SUW)
  • Undersea Warfare (USW)
  • Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Logistic (VERTREP and VOD)
  • Communications relay (COMREY)
  • Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS)

The 10th Aircraft Squadron is part of the Spanish Navy Air Flotilla with base in Rota Naval Base (Cádiz). However, most of the time, the choppers are embarked on air capable ships.

Since the SH-60B was designed to work along “Santa María”-class and “Álvaro de Bazán”-class frigates, as part of the LAMPS Mk-III (Light Airborne Multipurpose System), this helicopter normally embarks whenever one of these escorts sets sail.

The squadron also deploys ashore for exercises with the Marine Corps and other military Services.

In recent years, the Squadron has permanently deployed two helicopters in the Indian Ocean (with a 20-strong detachment) as part of the endeavours to fight piracy in the area.

While In Rota Naval Base, the helicopters are continuously maintained and the pilots trained to keep the fleet in full readiness.

The main feature of the Light Airborne Multipurpose System (LAMPS) is real time data link between the helicopter and the escort. In this way, the helicopter sensors are an airborne extension of the ship’s Combat and Information Centre.

The first six units were procured in 1988. A further batch of six was bought in 2002 and the first six upgraded, so the 12 existing units are homogeneous as regard equipment and systems. The upgraded version is the SH-60B Block I Core B.

Helicopters from the 10th Squadron have taken part in many national and international exercises and operations, showing their outstanding operational value.

Since its establishment, this helicopter squadron has participated in nearly all Spanish Navy operations all over the world. To name but a few: operation ENDURING FREEDOM in the fight against international terrorism; the deployment in Lebanon; the war in Iraq integrated into the USS “Theodore Roosevelt” Carrier Group; standing NATO naval groups in the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea and –more recently–  participation in the multinational coalition in Libya.

At present, units from the 10th Squadron regularly take part in the counter-piracy operation ATALANTA in the Indian Ocean on board the different Spanish Navy warships deployed in the area.


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