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Mar Océano Company Of The Royal Guards
Mar Océano Company Of The Royal Guards
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Mar Océano Company Of The Royal Guards
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Mar Océano Company Of The Royal Guards
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Mar Océano Company Of The Royal Guards
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Mar Océano Company Of The Royal Guards

The Mar Océano Company is made up of Marine Corps personnel serving in the Royal Guard.

The Mar Océano Company is part of the Military Honors Group of the Royal Guard along with the Army's Monteros de Espinosa Company and the Air Force's Plus Ultra Squadron.

Its main mission is to provide protection and to honor His Majesty the King, members of the Royal Household, foreign Heads of State on official visits to Spain and the presentation of credential of new ambassadors.

It is also tasked with the operational readiness of the Royal Guard's Diving Unit.

In order to effectively fulfill its mission, the Mar Océano Company is continuously involved in training and improvement activities.

  • Spanish National Holiday (October 12th). Participation in the military parade and in the wreath-laying ceremony for those who gave their lives for Spain.
  • Military parade during the Pascua Militar (Official military holiday) in the Madrid Royal Palace.
  • Military parade on the occasion of the biannual Meeting of the Royal and Military Order of San Hermenegildo.
  • Honors on the occasion of Official visits of foreign Heads of State at El Pardo Palace.
  • Honors during the presentation of credentials of new Ambassador at the Royal Palace, Madrid.
  • Solemn Changing of the Guard at the Royal Palace in Madrid on the first Wednesday of each month.
  • Parades during official ceremonies at the El Rey Headquarters of the Royal Guard.
  • Participation in the festivities of the Patron Saint of the Spanish Marine Corps, St. John of Nepomuk.

The Mar Océano Company trains with other elements from the other Services (Army and Air Force) in techniques related to skiing, cross-country marches, mountain climbing, urban warfare, personal defense, sniper drills, organization of check-points, escort of convoys, parachuting, etc.

The Company also conducts regular exercises and specific MC training activities like firing, tactics, topography, drills with craft and helicopters, etc.


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