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Escudo Patrullero Serviola (P-71)
Escudo Patrullero Serviola (P-71)
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Escudo Patrullero Serviola (P-71)
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Silueta de la clase Serviola

The Commanding Officer of the Offshore Patrol Vessel “Serviola” welcomes you and invites you to visit this website. The “Serviola” is part of the Maritime Action Force and her home port is the Military Arsenal of Ferrol.

Displacement: 1,200 tons.

Length: 70 m.

Beam: 10 m

Crew: 47.


  • One 3” / 50 gun.
  • Two 12.7 mm BROWNING machineguns.
  • 1 MG-42 machinegun.
  • Sensor::

  • Surface and air radar “Consilium Selesmar” RTM 30 SIM.
  • Navigation radar “Consilium Selesmar” RTM 25 XIM
  • FLIR camera
  • Propulsion::

  • 2 MTU Diesel engines (7,500HP Approx.)
  • 2 variable pitch propellers.
  • 2 bilge keels
  • An electric plant with 3 diesel generators.
  • Aircraft: Capability to operate with medium-sized helicopters

    Miscellaneous: 2 semi-rigid craft.

    The ship’s main mission, as a Maritime Action Ship, is the protection of national interests in areas of national sovereignty, especially territorial waters and the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

    Her capabilities include:
    • Surveillance of sovereignty areas to detect, deter and prevent possible criminal activities.
    • Reconnaissance of maritime traffic (shipping).
    • Search, detection and tracking of suspicious ships.
    • Support other State agencies involved in the fight against illegal migration, drug-smuggling and other criminal activities.
    • Maritime interdiction. VBSS missions (Visit, Board, Search and Seizure).
    • Search and Rescue operations.

    The ship’s home port is the Military Arsenal of Ferrol – one of the main naval bases of the Spanish Navy – along with other Maritime Action ships and Fleet units.

    The ship has a 3”/50 gun, two 12,7 mm “Browning” machineguns, 1 MG-42 machinegun and other portable weapons like CETME rifles, STAR pistols and shotguns.

    Two semi-rigid craft are used for boarding suspicious vessels. These visits are conducted by Marine Corps and Special Naval Warfare units, or – if necessary – by Police Forces.

    The offshore patrol boat “Serviola” is the first of a series of four patrol boats built by NAVANTIA (former Bazán) in its Ferrol shipyards. The ship was launched in 1990 and delivered to the Spanish Navy on October 2nd 1992.

    The “Serviola” is the second ship with that name in the Navy. The first one was a small vessel built in 1954.

    The ship is part of the Maritime Action Force with base in Ferrol. She is adequately fitted out to carry out surveillance and protection tasks in our EEZ (up to 200 miles). Her range (8,000 nm) permit prolonged periods at sea; more than 30 days.

    This versatile ship can participate in a wide variety of operations. The following are some of her most important missions:
    • Cruise to the USA to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the discovery of the New World, accompanying replica caravels.
    • The so-called “Turbot War” in 1995
    • Naval presence in Melilla on the occasion of the Perejil Island conflict.
    • Participation in the tuna campaign in the Gulf of Biscay and the Sole Bank.
    • Shipping control and surveillance in Finisterre on the occasion of the sinking of the “Prestige” oiler in Atlantic waters in 2003.
    • Participation in operation NOBLE CENTINELA in the Canary Islands (illegal immigration 2006-2007).

    The crew consists of 47 people: 8 officers, 10 NCOs and 29 seamen and ratings. This small complement favors comradeship onboard.

    The patrol boat “Serviola” regularly takes part in surveillance operations in areas of national interest and in scheduled exercises with other State units and agencies.

    While berthed, her main activities relate to personnel training and maintenance, to keep the ship fully operational.

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