Coat of Arms "VIGÍA" (P-73)
Coat of Arms "VIGÍA" (P-73)
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Coat of Arms "VIGÍA" (P-73)

The “Vigía” is the third unit of the “Serviola”-class oceanic patrol vessels. The “Vigía” (P-73) was built by NAVANTIA (former Bazán) in Ferrol and delivered to the Spanish Navy on March 23rd 1993.

Since then, the ship has carried out many missions including maritime surveillance, fishing control, participation in national and multinational exercises (NEOTAPON, MAJESTIC EAGLE, LINKED SEAS, etc), escort of other ships, and collaboration with other State agencies engaged in constabulary and maritime rescue tasks.

The oceanic patrol boat “Vigía” was designed for deployments during extended periods at sea, even in rough weather. She has a flight deck for medium-sized helicopters, a 6-bed sick bay and two RHIBs (rigid hulled/inflatable boat).

Patrol Boat "VIGIA" (P-73) Ships
LENGTH 68,65 mts.
BEAM 10,35 mts.
7.500 HP
2 variable-pitch propellers.
2 bilge keels.
An electric plant with 3 diesel generators 195 KW.
AIRCRAFT Flight deck for medium-size helicopters.
SENSORS Surface and air radar “Consilium Selesmar” RTM 30 SIM.
Navigation radar “Consilium Selesmar” RTM 25 XIM.
WEAPONS One 3"/50 gun.
Two 12.7 mm BROWNING machineguns.

The P-73 is part of the Maritime Action Force and is regularly tasked with the following missions:

  • Contribute to the State Action at sea to warrant the sovereignty and to protect national maritime interests within our territorial waters and the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). These activities also involve naval presence, surveillance and fisheries control.
  • Contribute to the endeavors of other State organizations and departments with responsibilities in the maritime domain: search and rescue, law-enforcement missions, environmental protection and fighting marine pollution.

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