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Patrol boat 'Toralla' (P-81) Coat of Arms
Patrol boat 'Toralla' (P-81) Coat of Arms
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Patrol boat 'Toralla' (P-81) Coat of Arms
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Patrol boat "Toralla" (P-81) at sea
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Patrol boat ‘Toralla’ in Majorca Bay.
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Naval presence of the ‘Toralla’ during a Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag ceremony.
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Dawn at sea

The Commanding Officer of the ‘Toralla’ (P-81) welcomes you to this website where you will learn about this ship, the first of her class, with home port in Cartagena (Murcia) belonging to the Maritime Action Force.

Wooden hull with fiberglass coating and aluminum superstructure.

Length: 28,5 m.

Beam: 6,64 m.

Draft: 1,88 m.

Maximum Speed: 20 knots.

Endurance: 1000 miles at 12 knots.


  • 1 BROWNING 12.7 mm machine-gun.
  • Portable weapons (handguns and rifles).

Sensors: 2 Navigation Radars KODEN.

Crew: 14 people (1 officer, 2 NCO's, 2 leading seamen and 9 ratings).

The main mission of the patrol boat ‘Toralla’ is to carry out maritime surveillance and security operations in sovereign waters and waters of national interest, ensuring compliance with national and international law. These operations, which are conducted within the permanent structure of the Navy, or transferred to the operational structure of the Armed Forces, include the surveillance and control of maritime traffic, environmental protection, fishing surveillance and the protection of underwater archaeological heritage, among other tasks.

It also collaborates with other state organizations with responsibilities in the maritime domain, such as the State Department of Search and Rescue and the Civil Guard (Gendarmerie). It is also common her participation in local or regional festivities or commemorative events, such as support for regattas or participation in maritime processions.

The home port of the patrol boat ‘Toralla’ is Cartagena Naval Base where other Fleet and Maritime Action units are stationed. It is an 18th century Arsenal which has been refurbished to be able to provide support to the warships of the 21st century.

The ship has a 12,7 mm BROWNING machine gun and portable weapons like handguns and rifles to repel any low-medium intensity threat. The ship has a semi-rigid craft on board used as an auxiliary support unit.

This light patrol boat (P-81) was the first of a series of two. The vessel was originally designed for fishing control missions. She was built in Barcelona and launched and delivered to the Spanish Navy in 1987. The ship was named after a small isle off the coast of Vigo (Pontevedra).

The crew consists of 14 men and women: 1 officer, 2 NCOs, 2 leading seamen and 9 ratings.

  • The ‘Toralla’ regularly participates in maritime security operations surveilling areas of national sovereignty. The vessel participates in national and international exercises like MARSEC and MINEX, among others.

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