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Patrol boat 'Tarifa' Coat of Arms
Patrol boat 'Tarifa' Coat of Arms
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Patrol boat 'Tarifa' Coat of Arms

The Commanding Officer of the “Tarifa” welcomes you and invites you to learn more about this offshore patrol boat. The P-64 “Tarifa” is integrated into the Maritime Action Force with base in Cartagena.

Patrol boat "TARIFA" - (P-64)
LENGTH 68,3 meters
BEAM 11 meters
PROPULSION 1 MAK 8M 25 diesel engine (2,400 HP)
1 electric engines (560 Kw)
1 variable pitch propeller (4 blades)
1 fore propeller for side thrust
AIRCRAFT Flight deck for light helicopters
CREW 37 + 4 fishing inspectors
WEAPONS 2 BROWNING 12.7 mm machine-guns
1 MG 7.62 mm machine-gun
SENSORS Navigation and surface radar FURUNO 2135 (S band)
Navigation and surface radar FURUNO 2825 (X band)
MISCELLANEOUS 2 Zodiac Hurricane 733
Crane to recover fishing gear
Operating theatre and sick bay
Waste oils collection system (2 hoses, 2 hydraulic pumps, 2 intake pumps, 2 cranes).

The P-64 “Tarifa”, is assigned to the Spanish Navy Maritime Action Force. Her mission is to protect our national maritime interests and contribute to maintain peace, security and the wellbeing of our citizens, along with other State departments with responsibilities in the maritime domain.

More specifically, and thanks to an agreement signed between the Spanish Navy and the General Secretariat for Fisheries, the P-64 is tasked with surveillance, inspection and support to the Spanish fishing fleet both, within territorial waters and in international fishing grounds.

Other missions include:

  • Exercise sea control by means of naval presence in far-off scenarios
  • Provide assistance to the fishing fleet, including medical support and divers
  • Search and rescue missions
  • Fight against sea pollution and oil spills
  • Platform for special operations teams

Our home port is Cartagena Naval Base. This base is the main Mediterranean logistic support hub for Spanish Navy ships and facilities.

The ship has a flight deck without hangar, but with aircraft refueling capability. Inspection and boarding tasks are usually carried out with the 2 Zodiac “Hurricane”.

The P-64 is equipped with a system to collect waste and oils spills, consisting of several hoses, intake pumps and storage tanks.

The ship has two 12.7 mm machine-guns and 1 MG machine-gun, as well as an assortment of portable weapons (rifles, pistols, shotguns, etc).

The “Tarifa” is the fourth offshore patrol vessel commissioned by the State Sea Secretariat (SEGEMAR) and subsequently transferred to the Spanish Navy. The P-64 was launched in November 2003 and delivered to the Spanish Navy on June 22nd 2004 in a ceremony presided over by the Minister of Defence José Bono, and the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Elena Espinosa.

The crew of the “Tarifa” consists of 37 men and women: 7 officers, 6 NCOs and 24 leading seamen and ratings.

In order to have the ship fully operational, a maintenance cycle is periodically scheduled with corrective and preventive measures, and also training activities for the crew where emergency and normal operational procedures are tested.

Otherwise, the ship is deployed in support, control, surveillance or inspection missions in coordination with national and international Agencies with responsibilities in fishing activities; namely, SEGEMAR, CFCA and other EU organisations.

The main missions of the P-64 “Tarifa” are 45 to 60-day inspection campaigns in NAFO (North Atlantic Fishing Organisation) areas near Newfoundland, Canada, or in NEAFC (North East Atlantic Fishing Commission) waters off the Icelandic EEZ. Other tasks include monitoring the Red Tuna campaign in the Mediterranean Sea.


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