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Patrol boat 'Alborán' Coat of Arms
Patrol boat 'Alborán' Coat of Arms
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Patrol boat 'Alborán' Coat of Arms

The Commanding Officer of the “Alborán” welcomes you and invites you to learn about this ship with home port in Cartagena (Murcia) and assigned to the Maritime Action Force. The P-62 is a “Chilreu”-class offshore patrol boat whose main mission is surveillance and fishing control.

Patrol boat "ALBORÁN" - (P-62)
LENGTH 66 meters
BEAM 10,5 meters
PROPULSION 1 MAK 6M-453-C diesel engine (3,000 HP)
1 Variable pitch propeller (4 blades)
1 Fore propeller for side thrust
2 Electric plants
AIRCRAFT Flight deck for light helicopters (AB-212 or H-500)
Day operations: VERTREP, VOD and HIFR
Aircraft control station
CREW 37 (+16)
WEAPONS 2 BROWNING 12.7 mm machine-guns
1 MG-42 (7.62 mm)
SENSORS Navigation radar FURUNO 2130 S
Surface and navigation radar FURUNO 2805/FR
Cargo hold
2 repair workshops

This offshore patrol boat was designed from the hull of a trawler. We work in close collaboration with the State Sea Secretariat (SEGEMAR) coordinating surveillance missions and fishing inspections both at home and abroad. We provide support to the Spanish fishing fleet, the second largest in the world, wherever required. We are also entrusted with constabulary tasks to prevent crimes at sea, illegal fishing or any other maritime security offenses. The ship can accommodate a 16-strong Marine Corps contingent.

The P-62 home port is Cartagena Naval Base where other Maritime Action ships are stationed. Also the submarine flotilla and the mine countermeasures force.

As opposed to more offensive vessels like frigates, this ship has no guns or missiles but the necessary self-defense weapons to counter any unexpected threat. 

The ship has two 12.7 mm machine-guns and 1 MG machine-gun, as well as an assortment of portable weapons (rifles, pistols, shotguns, etc).

The P-62 “Alborán” is the second SEGEMAR ship built at the Freire shipyards in Ferrol, and designed from the trawler “Trimbel”, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to help the Spanish Navy patrol boat “Chilreu” in surveillance missions after the so-called “Turbot War”. Shipbuilding started in February 1994; she was procured by SEGEMAR (State Sea Secretariat) in 1996 and transferred to the Spanish Navy in January 1997.

The “Alborán” is the first Spanish Navy ship with that name.

The crew consists of 37 men and women: 8 officers, 6 NCOs, 23 leading seamen and ratings.

Operations are scheduled on a yearly basis in collaboration with SEGEMAR. Specifically, surveillance missions and fishing inspections are regularly organised in NAFO (North Atlantic Fishing Organisation) areas near Canada, or in NEAFC (North East Atlantic Fishing Commission) waters off the Icelandic EEZ. Other tasks include the Red Tuna campaign in the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Bonito campaign in the Gulf of Biscay and South of Ireland. As complementary missions, the “Alborán” also participates in maritime surveillance missions scheduled by the Maritime Action Command.

The ship has taken part in several campaigns were different national and foreign trawlers engaged in illegal fishing activities were seized both, within Spanish territorial waters and also in NAFO or NEAFC waters.


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