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P-42) "RAYO"
P-42) "RAYO"
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P-42) "RAYO"

The Commanding Officer of the offshore patrol vessel (OPV) “Rayo” welcomes you and invites you to visit this website. The “Rayo” was built by NAVANTIA in San Fernando as the second unit of a series of four; her home port is Las Palmas Naval Station (Canary Islands).

LENGTH 93.9 meters
BEAM 14.2 m.
PROPULSION 2 MTU 16 V 1163 Diesel engines and a SIEMENS electric engine. 2 variable pitch propellers. 1 fore propeller for transverse thrust. An electric plant with 4 diesel generators.
AIRCRAFT Hangar for 1 helicopter. All-weather operations. VERTREP and HIFR.
Two Mk-38 MOD 2A machineguns.
4 SRBOC Mk-36 Chaff launchers.
SENSORS DORNA 2 Fire Control.
SCOMBA Combat System.
Navigation and control radar HC ARIES 2.
Electronic Warfare RIGEL
1 cargo crane.
1 WECDIS system.

The ship was designed to carry out all type of missions and goals posed by the concept “Maritime Action”. Namely, military missions against asymmetric or conventional threats by means of presence (deterrence), surveillance and limited neutralization actions.

In addition, this OPV will also carry out other missions: protection of national interests in areas of national sovereignty, as well as collaboration with other State Security agencies in constabulary, surveillance, SAR and fight against marine pollution tasks.

Our home port is Las Palmas Naval Station (Canary Islands).

The “Rayo” (P-42) is a multi-purpose ship capable of embarking an air support unit for helicopter operations, and Marine Corps equipment.

The ship has two RHIB (rigid hulled/inflatable boat) with capacity for 18 people. With a maximum speed of 34 knots, they are perfect for VBSS missions. The RHIBs are kept at either side of the superstructure.

The ship has a 76mm OTO MELARA gun with a DORNA-2 Fire Control; two 25mm MK 38 MOD 2A machineguns which can operate independently with their own optronic sensors or connected to the DORNA fire control; 2 “Browning” machineguns and different portable weapons. Also an EW set and Chaff launchers.

The “Rayo” has the latest Spanish Navy Combat System (SCOMBA) and an Integrated Platform Control System (SICP) for reduced crews. In addition, the ship is ready to mount telemedicine equipment in her small hospital and sick bay.

Rayo" (P-42) is the second "Meteoro"-class maritime action ship. She was launched on May 18th 2010 in the NAVANTIA Shipyard of Puerto Real sponsored by the Minister of Defense, and delivered to the Spanish Navy on October 26th 2011.

Four other ships had the same name in the Spanish Navy:

  • An 80 gun Warship which took part in the Battle of Trafalgar.
  • A gunboat built in 1874 operating in Cuba.
  • A torpedo boat built at the end of the 19th century.
  • A destroyer later converted into a fast frigate (D-35).

The crew consists of 46 people: 6 officers, 10 NCOs and 30 seamen and ratings. All of them have been trained in different naval schools and academies: Marín, San Fernando and Ferrol.

The "Rayo" is currently undergoing different trials (endurance cruise, operational qualification, etc.), and is scheduled to participate in operation ATALANTA and other exercises and maneuvers.


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