Hydrographic ships “MALASPINA” Class
LENGTH 58 meters
BEAM 12 m
PROPULSION 2 MWM TBRHS-345-AU diesel engines
2 variable-pitch propellers (4 blades each)
1 electric pusher in the rudder for auxiliary propulsion and maneuver
3 diesel generators  (378 Kw each) and 1200 Kw emergency generator
CREW 69 (54 reduced crew)
WEAPONS 2 OERLIKON 20 mm machine-guns
Portable weapons
SENSORS 2 VISION MASTER surface and navigation radars (bands X/S)
Thermosalinograph SBE 21
Synthetic aperture radar SHADOWS
Acoustic positioning system GAPS
Multi-beam echo sounder SIMRAD EM 300-302 (33 Khz)
Single-beam echo sounder SIMRAD EA 600 (12/219 Khz)
Doppler NORTEK
MISCELLANEOUS Capacity for 4 vehicles on board
2 cargo cranes
Several winches
2 auxiliary craft
AIRCRAFT VERTREP operations from poop deck

The two ‘Malaspina’-class hydrographic ships are stationed in ‘La Carraca’ Military shipyards (Cádiz).

The ships have no vehicles of their own but can embark light vans or sedan-type cars for specific campaigns. They have weapons for self-defense like MG machine-guns, rifles and guns.

They are also armed with two 20 mm mountings.

The Hydrographic flotilla is under the direct command of the Director of the Hydrographic Institute, a Navy Captain.

A standard crew of a ‘Malaspina’-class ship consists of 69 people: 11 officers, 13 NCOs and 45 leading semen and ratings.


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