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Escudo Buque Hidrográfico Antares
Escudo Buque Hidrográfico Antares
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Escudo Buque Hidrográfico Antares
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Foto 1. Buque Hidrográfico Antares
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Foto 2. Buque Hidrográfico Antares

The hydrographic ship ‘Antares’ (A-23) was built by BAZAN and delivered to the Spanish Navy in 1974. The ship was named after the brightest star of the Scorpio constellation. Her homeport is Puntales Naval Station (Cádiz).

Her main mission is to conduct hydrographic surveys near the coast (from depths that go from 20 to 300 meters) but she can be also tasked with the following assignment:

  • Hydrographic surveys, oceanographic research, study of the national seabed and any other seamounts studied under International Agreements.
  • Updating of sailing directions, lighthouse books, beacons and radio books.
  • Installation of tide gauges and MASLs (meters above sea level).
  • Coastal photographs.
  • Measurements of flying miles.
  • Naval presence in sovereign waters or areas of interest to contribute to the protection of national maritime interests.
  • Collaboration with other State departments (SAR and Port Authorities).
  • Participation in REA operations, national or multinational Fleet tasks, etc.
  • Weather data collection.
  • Any other mission entrusted by Spanish Navy authorities.
  • The ‘Antares’ has also two small hydrographic craft to conduct activities in shallow waters with their Geoswath 500 interferometric sounders to carry out underwater surveys of ports, approaches, canals and anchorage sites.

    Displacement: 360 Tm.

    Length: 38,35 m.

    Beam: 7,9 m

    Speed: 11,5 knots.


  • 1 Echevarría-Burmeister-Wain engine (800 HP)
  • 1 variable pitch propeller
  • 2 Diesel generators
  • speed: 3620 miles.

    Crew: 37


  • SperryVision navigation radar
  • Sagem LHC electromagnetic speed log
  • Multi-beam sounder EM-3002
  • Portable interferometric sounder GeoSwath 500+
  • Single-beam echo sounder EA 600
  • Oceanographic winch
  • Omnistar GPS

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