Spanish Navy Headquarters


The Spanish Navy Headquarters, located in Madrid, comprises a series of departments with the necessary personnel and material to advise the Chief of Naval Staff in the execution of his duties.

The Headquarters is made up of the following Departments:

Naval Staff (EMA).

Under command of the Deputy Chief of Naval Staff, it is the main advisory body to the AJEMA (Chief of Naval Staff) for issues related to the Navy organization, Force readiness, and management of assigned resources.

The Naval Staff (EMA) is formed by the following departments:

  • Jefatura.
    • Foreign Relations Section.
    • Central Naval Security.
  • Staff Secretariat.
  • Plans Division.
    • Organic Plans Section.
    • Strategic Plans Section.
    • Capabilities Definition Section.
    • Resources Plans Section.
    • International Programs Support Office.
  • Operations Division.
    • Operations Section.
    • Operational Logistic Section.
    • Intelligence Section.
  • Logistics Division.
    • Programs Section.
    • Life-Cycles Section.
    • Electronic Warfare Section.
    • Infrastructures Section.
    • Air Arm Section.
    • Submarines Section.
    • Occupational Risks Prevention Section.
    • Information and Telecommunications Section.
Chief of the Naval Staff´s Inner Cabinet.

Under command of a Navy Captain or a Marine Corps Colonel, it is in charge of supporting AJEMA in his institutional, official and public relations issues.

AJEMA´s Inner Cabinet:

  • Secretary.
  • Technical Cabinet.
  • Public Relations Office.
  • Financial Management Office.

The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Spanish Navy, advisor to AJEMA for Non-Commissioned Officer´s issues, is also ascribed to his Inner Cabinet.

Head Office of General Services, Technical Assistance, Information and Communications Systems (JESACIS)

This Division comprises all information, communications and general services of the Spanish Navy like information systems, publications, statistics, operational research, standardization, astronomy and geophysics issues, security and life-cycle maintenance.


  • Auxiliary Body.
  • Technical Assistance Departments:
    • Royal Institute and Observatory.
    • Navy Standardization Service.
    • Operational and Statistical Military Research Cabinet.
    • Navy Publications Service.
  • General Services
    • Adjutancy.
    • Infrastructures.
    • Supply and Transport.
    • Medical Support (Madrid).
    • Administration.
    • Lodgings, Residences and Wardrooms
  • Information and Communications Systems
    • Technical Secretariat.
    • Cyber-defense Group.
    • Information Security Group.
    • Information and Communications Exploitation Systems.

History and Naval Culture Department.

This department is responsible for the protection, conservation, cataloguing, research and dissemination of Naval History and its cultural and bibliographic heritage.

This Department includes:

  • Naval Museum.
  • Naval Culture and Historical Institute.
  • Spanish Navy Archives.
Legal Advice Department.

Under command of a Judge Advocate General, it is an advisory body to the AJEMA for legal and judicial issues.

Quartermaster´s Naval Delegation.

It controls and monitors the financial and economic management of the Navy.

Naval Central Court.

It is in charge of dealing with issues related to rescues, towing, findings, and underwater archaeological digs.


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