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Superintendent of the Naval Academy
Escuela Naval Militar
Superintendent of the Naval Academy
Superintendent of the Naval Academy

On behalf of the men and women who make up the Naval Academy, I have the pleasure to welcome you to this website where you will find noteworthy information.

The Spanish Navy has been training its naval officers for more than 300 years and over this period, the location and teaching methods have changed, but not its essence: namely, the comprehensive training of an officer. The current Naval Academy is heir to this tradition.

This comprehensive training has many sides: scientific, technical, military, naval, physical, etc. But its cornerstone is the education in values: honor, courage, discipline and loyalty. They are our ‘North Star’ which leads our lives.

Those of us who work here, do so with one goal: to train people who – in turn –will lead other men and women who have decided to devote their lives to defend the interests of Spain at sea and from the sea.

Here we work with a clear code of conduct: to command is to serve and, quoting the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset, authority must be an extension of exemplariness. Those of us who work here, do so demanding a very specific standard: excellence.

And we do it looking at the future as the spearhead of the Digital Transformation of Military Education, integrating the most modern techniques developed in the Artificial Intelligence Center of the Spanish Navy, located in this Academy.

You are kindly invited to browse the different pages of this website and sail with us in this fascinating voyage.

Thank you very much.

Captain Pedro Cardona Suanzes

Superintendent of the Naval Academy


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