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Madrid Security Group (AGRUMAD)
Madrid Security Group (AGRUMAD)
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Madrid Security Group (AGRUMAD)
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Madrid Security Group (AGRUMAD)
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Madrid Security Group (AGRUMAD)
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Madrid Security Group (AGRUMAD)
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Madrid Security Group (AGRUMAD)
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Madrid Security Group (AGRUMAD)

Welcome to the AGRUMAD website. We are in charge of the security and protection of Spanish Navy personnel, bases and facilities in the Central Maritime Area (Madrid).

The first historical reference of this Unit can be found in 1664 when the Tercio Provincial de Madrid was set up.

The Madrid Security Group (AGRUMAD) Headquarters are, since 1944, in the northern district of Pinar de Chamartín.

The current AGRUMAD workforce consists of 449 men and women: 1 Colonel, 22 officers, 46 NCOs and 380 soldiers.

EAGRUMAD Organization:

  • Staff.
  • Security Company
    • Security platoon
    • Special Operational platoon (EOS)
    • Honors platoon
  • Naval Police Company
    • Police platoon
    • Escort platoon
    • Dog Unit
  • Staff and Service Company.
    • Transport platoon
    • Communications
    • Maintenance
    • Service platoon
    • Sick bay
  • Music Band
  • The Staff and Service Company provides the necessary elements for the logistic support of the Group (communications, transport, etc).
  • The Security Company provides the necessary security personnel to the facilities concerned. It also has specific trained personnel for MIO operations (Maritime Interdiction Operations). For Spanish Navy institutional ceremonies there is an Honors Platoon.
  • The Naval Police Company provides escort services to naval authorities and security deployments for military ceremonies and celebrations. It is also in charge of the transport of ammunition and detainees. The Company has a Dog Unit for drugs and explosive detection.
  • The Music Band participates in military and civilian ceremonies in the Madrid area and wherever its services are requested.

The Madrid Security Group is part of the Marine Corps Protection Force and therefore, its mission is to provide security and protection to Spanish Navy personnel and facilities in Madrid and its surroundings.

Our daily activity is centered on training our men and women for MC action. Other responsibilities (escort duties, naval police) are also taken into account, as well as physical training, firing drills and boarding exercises in order to be ready for MIO operations from Spanish Navy ships in case we are called up for action.

Weapons: Like the rest of Marine Corps units, the AGRUMAD has a wide assortment of pistols, HK G-36 rifles, MG42 machineguns, MAUSER rifles, MOSSBERG shotguns, ACCURACY rifles, HK G-36 KV rifles, and MINIMI and BROWNING machineguns.

Vehicles: The AGRUMAD has a series of light and heavy vehicles like Nissan TERRANO and PATHFINDER; Lorries, tankers and an ambulance.

We carry out exercises at the Palancar and Alijares ranges. The AGRUMAD has recently deployed a Dog Unit and an Operational Security Team in the Lebanon (FINUL) on board the offshore patrol vessel "Infanta Cristina". We have also participated in operation ATALANTA against the piracy in the Indian Ocean on board the LPD "Galicia".

The first available reference of a stable MC force in Madrid dates back to 1664 when the Tercio Provincial de Madrid - a remnant of the Naples Tercio - was set up.

Between 1808 and 1819 a Grenadier Company from Cartagena deployed in Madrid to provide escort to Admiral Manuel Godoy "Prince of Peace" and his Staff.

In 1820 a regiment from that company looked after the Royal Boats in the Manzanares Canal. In those dates, the detachment continued serving the Crown with a 110-strong force.

On the occasion of the Spanish Navy reorganization in 1931, the Marines Corps was suppressed, but in 1937 the Service was restored once again. After the Spanish Civil War, a permanent battalion was set up as garrison for the Ministry of the Navy consisting of a Staff, three Rifle Companies and one Machinegun Company.

In 1944 the Battalion moved to its present Headquarters in Arturo Soria Street. Its Flag is decorated with Royal Household and Papal sashes. The latter was awarded after the Unit participated in a combined Spanish force to restore pope Pius IX to the throne of the Holy See in Rome.

In 1954 the Battalion changed its name to Independent Madrid Group. In 1960 the Naval Police was set up and the Group entrusted with the training of its units. In 1968 its name changed again to its present denomination: Madrid Security Group (AGRUMAD).

The AGRUMAD Battle Ensign was presented by Madrid's Town Council in the Retiro Park in 1983.


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