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Silueta de la clase 'Álvaro de Bazán'
Silueta de la clase 'Álvaro de Bazán'
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Silueta de la clase 'Álvaro de Bazán'
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Fragata Clase 'Álvaro de Bazán' (F-100)
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Helicóptero acercándose a una Fragata Clase Álvaro de Bazán

The ships of the 31st Escort Squadron are “Álvaro de Bazán”-class frigates of modern design and remarkable military capabilities, which will help the Spanish Navy to fulfil the objectives outlined in the National Defence Guidelines.

Their AEGIS Combat System makes them a most valuable asset at the service of the Nation’s foreign policy, not only in conventional operations, but also in peace-keeping and humanitarian aid missions, enforcement of UN resolutions, etc.

LENGTH 147 meters
BEAM 18.5 meters
PROPULSION Diesel or turbine (CODOG) with 2 propellers
For high speed: 2 Gas LM-2500 turbines
For less than 18 knots: 2 Bazan-Bravo-12 Diesel engines
POWER 2x23500 HP (turbines) + 2x6000 HP (diesel)
MAX SPEED 29 knots
RANGE 4,800 nm (at 18 knots)
AIRCRAFT Capability for a Sikorsky SH-60B “Seahawk”, equipped with Penguin missiles and torpedoes.
CREW 201
WEAPONS Vertical Launcher Mk-41 for “Standard” SM-2 and ESSM missiles.
The launcher can also operate with TOMAHAWK missiles.
Cañón de 5" Mk-45 con dirección de tiro DORNA
2 Fourfold launchers for “Harpoon” missiles
Two 20mm OERLIKON machineguns
Four 12.7mm BROWNING light machineguns
One 5” Mk-45 Gun with DORNA Fire Control
SENSORS SPY-1D Radar with additional capability for ballistic missile tracking
AN/SPS-67 and AN/SPS-73 Radars.
DE-1160 LF Sonar (I)
ALDEBARAN and REGULUS Electronic Warfare Equipment
Link-11 and Link-16

The F-100 frigate is a multi-purpose ship with the following capabilities:

  • Medium-size oceanic escort.
  • Command and control ship in conflict scenarios, capable of operating with allied fleets, and providing cover to expeditionary forces.
  • Capable of operating in coastal and blue waters depending on the conflict situation.
  • High anti-air capability.

The F-100 project entails important challenges; among them:

  • An AEGIS Combat System around the SPY-1D radar which, up to now, was used only in larger combatants such as destroyers and cruisers.
  • Integrate national weapons and sensors into the AEGIS System.
  • Other specific developments like the Navigational Data distribution (DIANA) or the Platform Control Integrated System.

Our home base is Ferrol (Corunna), an 18th century compound but refurbished and updated to be able to provide logistic support to 21st century units.

The AEGIS Combat System, with its SPY-1D radar, permits threat detection in difficult environmental conditions characteristic of coastal waters, providing the necessary fire power to counteract them. The ship design reduces her electromagnetic, infrared and acoustic signatures. The ship has an embarked helicopter (LAMPS Mk-III) with modern sensors and weapons that can detect and attack surface and submarine ships when the ship’s weapons are out of reach.


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