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1st Mine Countermeasures (MCM)
Coat of Arms of the 1st Mine Countermeasures (MCM)
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1st Mine Countermeasures (MCM)

The 1st Mine Countermeasures (MCM) Squadron is under the direct command of the MCM Force Commander, integrated into the Maritime Action Force and is part of the Spanish Navy Force structure. The squadron is made up of six “Segura”-class minehunters with home port in Cartagena (Murcia).

The Squadron warships were built in two series at Navantia’s shipyards in Cartagena. The first series includes the following minehunters: “Segura”, “Sella”, “Tambre” and “Turia”. The second series is made up of two further vessels, “Duero” and “Tajo”.

The vessels are fiberglass ships (glass-reinforced plastic, GRP) which help reduce their magnetic signature while it provides great resistance in the event of underwater explosions. The combat system is fully indigenous and is worth underlining the low acoustic-magnetic detectability. The “Voith Schneider” propellers and their dynamic positioning system provide excellent maneuverability to the ships.

For mine hunting and countermining operations the vessels use the AN/SQQ-32 Variable Depth Sonar (VDS) and the remote-controlled vehicles “Pluto Plus” and “Minesniper”.

This Squadron is the spearhead and main operational element of the Spanish Navy Mine Countermeasure Force.

1st Mine Countermeasures Squadron (MCM)
LENGTH 54 meters
BEAM 10.7 m.
PROPULSION 2 plants with 2 Diesel MTU-BAZAN engines 6V 396
2 COMBIMAC electric engines.
RANGE 2,000 miles.
SENSORS Radar: Kelvin Hughes Type 1007 / Koden MDC 1550 Sonar: VDS AN/SQQ-32 (Sp).
MISCELLANEOUS 2 semi-rigid craft Underwater vehicles: 1 / 2 x Pluto PLUS + Minesniper FABA MCM Command & Control System

The main mission of these ships is to clear our main ports and naval bases and protect the amphibious operations projecting the naval power ashore by means of detecting, pinpointing, identifying and neutralizing bottom and moored mines.

The Squadron is fully integrated into NATO, and it regularly provides units to the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group Two (SNMCMG-2) normally deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.

The home port of the six minehunters is Cartagena (Murcia).

The different Commanding Officers of the six minehunters are all under the command of a Navy Commander assisted by his Staff.

The complement of the minehunters consists of 6 officers, 11 non-commissioned officers and 24 leading seamen and ratings. The Squadron is divided into two structures: one organizational and another operational.

The organizational structure is in charge of all management issues including readiness and logistic matters, and the operational structure manages all issues related to the mission assigned and is divided into two Controls: the Tactical Control, responsible for the combat system (sensors and weapons) and information and communication systems; and the Platform Control, responsible for navigation, propulsion, damage control, replenishment and medical issues.


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