Minehunter "SEGURA" (M-31)
Minehunter "SEGURA" (M-31)
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Minehunter "SEGURA" (M-31)
1ª Escuadrilla de Medidas Contra Minas
LENGTH 54 mts.
BEAM 10.7 mts
PROPULSION 2 plants with 2 Diesel MTU-BAZAN engines 6V 396
2 COMBIMAC electric engines.
AIRCRAFT Vertical Onboard Delivery (VOD) operations.
SENSORS Radar: Kelvin Hughes Type 1007 / Koden MDC 1550
Sonar: VDS AN/SQQ-32 (Sp).
MISCELLANEOUS 2 semi-rigid craft Underwater vehicles: 1 / 2 x Pluto PLUS + Minesniper FABA MCM Command & Control System

The Commanding Officer of the minehunter “Segura” welcomes you and invites you to visit this website. This unit belongs to the 1st Minehunter Squadron of the MCM Force.

The main task of this first unit of the “Segura”-class minehunters is to detect, pin down, identify, and neutralize bottom and moored mines.

Apart from MCM missions, the “Segura” can also carry out other activities such as maritime surveillance in collaboration with other Navy units, and take part in non military activities like SAR (Search & Rescue), recovery of sunken objects, and sea floor surveying and mapping.

As part of the MCM effort, the “Segura” can contribute to keep open the main Spanish ports and bases, as well as to pave the way for amphibious operations projecting naval power ashore.

The ship’s home port is Cartagena Naval Base where other MCM and Spanish Navy ships are docked.

The minehunter “Segura” is a fiberglass ship (glass-reinforced plastic, GRP) of 550 tons with a maximum speed of 14 knots with Diesel engines, or 7 knots with electric propulsion for hunting operations. Her combat system is wholly indigenous with great acoustic and magnetic discretion. The hull is designed to resist underwater explosions.

Another distinctive feature of this minehunter is her propulsion system consisting of two VOITH-SCHNEIDER propellers which yield great maneuverability. Her accurate positioning system provides the ship with excellent navigational accuracy.

The “Segura” (M-31) is the first unit of the “Segura”-class minehunters. She was built by Bazán in its Cartagena shipyards. She was launched in July 1997 and delivered to the Spanish Navy on April 27th 1999. Her sponsor was Mrs. Nieves Albarracín, wife of the Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Romero Caramelo. On February 20th 2004, the ship received her Battle Ensign from Pilar Barreiro, Lady Mayor of Cartagena.

The crew consists of 41 people: 6 officers, 11 NCOs and 24 seamen and ratings. Most of them have been trained in different naval schools and academies: Marín, San Fernando and Ferrol.

In the scheduled chart of activities, the ship participates in national and international exercises with other MCM units. Every two years she integrates into NATO’s MCM Standing Group (SNMCMG-2).

While berthed, her main activities relate to personnel training and maintenance to keep the ship fully operational.

The ship has carried out two international deployments with NATO’s current Mine Countermeasures Force (SNMCMG-2) and four further deployments with the former MCMFOURSOUTH.

At national level, the ship has participated in several maneuvers like GRUFLEX in Rota, SPANISH MINEX in the Balearic Islands and ROUTE SOURVEY in most Spanish ports.


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