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Coat of Arms of the Ocean-going Tugboat "Mahón" (A-51)
Coat of Arms of the Ocean-going Tugboat "Mahón" (A-51)
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Coat of Arms of the Ocean-going Tugboat "Mahón" (A-51)
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Ocean-going Tugboat "Mahón" (A-51)
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Ocean-going Tugboat "Mahón" (A-51)
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Ocean-going Tugboat "Mahón" (A-51)
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Ocean-going Tugboat "Mahón" (A-51)
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Ocean-going Tugboat "Mahón" (A-51)

The Commanding Officer of the ocean-going tug ‘Mahón’ welcomes you ‘onboard’ and invites you to learn more about this Maritime Action ship with home port in la Graña (La Coruña).


LENGTH: 41 mts.

BEAM: 11,5 mts.


  • 2 SULZER diesel engines (7,040 HP)
  • 2 fixed-pitch propellers
  • 2 electric generators

CREW: 30

WEAPONS: 2 BROWNING machine-guns (12.7 mm)


  • 1 surface/air radar CONSILIUM SELESMAR TA 340
  • 1 navigation radar SIMRAD RA54


  • 1 RHIB
  • 1 zodiac

The main mission of this ship is to maneuver other vessels by pushing or towing them; normally Spanish Navy ships but also other civilian vessels in agreement with a treaty signed between the Spanish Navy and the Minister of Public Works as part of the National Rescue Plan.

Apart from her intrinsic mission, the A-51 also carries out other tasks like maritime surveillance, fishing inspections and collaboration with other Navy ships in firing exercises towing floating targets.

Our home port is the Ferrol Arsenal (Corunna).

The ship is equipped with two 12.7 mm ‘Browning’ machine-guns and has several portable weapons like rifles, pistols and shotguns.

The ‘Mahón’ (A-51) has two small craft: An inboard engine rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) and a smaller outboard engine Zodiac-type tasked for different missions like ships support, boarding, personnel and cargo transport, etc.

The ‘Mahón’ is the fifth unit of a series built by Atlántico Shipyards in Santander in 1977 as part of a support fleet for oil rigs. She was procured by the Spanish Navy in 1981 as ocean-going tugboat and fitted with light weapons, communication systems and fire-fighting equipment.

The A-51 has always been stationed in Ferrol and has taken part in many rescue operations in northern Spain until 1992 when Maritime Rescue was transferred to another State Department. She also participated in the so-called ‘Atlantic Halibut War’ between Spain and Canada in Newfoundland waters. Subsequent upgrading enhanced her habitability to combine her tasks as offshore tugboat with that of a patrol boat.

Other milestones include:

  • Collaboration in the celebrations of the 500th Anniversary of the discovery of America in 1991 (USA).
  • Many albacore campaigns in the Gulf of Biscay and the Sole Bank.
  • Shipping control and surveillance during the sinking of the oiler “Prestige” in 2002.
  • Towing of decommissioned Navy ships to the Canary Islands to carry out sinking exercises with air and naval units.
  • Surveillance and Maritime Security missions in the Atlantic and Cantabrian Seas.

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