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Auxiliary Ship 'Alerta' (A-111)
Auxiliary Ship 'Alerta' (A-111)
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Auxiliary Ship 'Alerta' (A-111)
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Auxiliary Ship 'Alerta' (A-111)

The Commanding Officer of the auxiliary ship “Alerta” welcomes you and invites you to learn more about this Maritime Action ship.

Auxiliary Ship 'Alerta' (A-111)
LENGTH 76.5 meters
BEAM 12.3 meters
PROPULSION 1 CARTERPILLAR diesel engines (2,760 HP)
1 variable-pitch propeller
1 auxiliary electric engine
An electric plant with four generators
Speed: 12 knots
Range: 11,000 nm
WEAPONS 2 BROWNING machine-guns (12.7 mm)
2 MG machine-guns (7.62 mm)
Portable weapons
SENSORS Surface and navigation radar KELVIN HUGHES 1106
Navigation radar SPERRY MARINE
1 cargo crane
2 cargo holds
Capacity for 4 containers
SECOMSAT and INMARSAT satellite terminals

The main mission of this ship is logistic transport between national and international ports, as well as exercising sovereignty and protecting our national maritime interests.

The A-111 is based in Cartagena Naval Station, home port of other Maritime Action units.

The ship is fitted with small caliber weapons intended for self-defense against low-medium intensity threats.

The auxiliary ship “Alerta” was built by Rostock shipyards in the former German Democratic Republic as transport ship. She was christened “Jasmund” and delivered to the GDR Navy in 1985. The ship was offered to the Spanish Navy in 1991 and finally purchased the following year.

The ship was transferred to Las Palmas Shipyards for upgrading works and named “Alerta”.

The crew of the “Alerta” (A-111) consists of 61 people: 9 officers, 14 NCOs, 13 leading seamen and 25 ratings.

During her periods in port the crew engages in maintenance and training activities to enhance the conditions of security and operability. In the course of logistic transport missions, training continues at sea.


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