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B/A 'Las Palmas'
B/A 'Las Palmas'
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B/A 'Las Palmas'
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B/A 'Las Palmas'

The Captain and the crew of auxiliary vessel (B / A) A-52 "Las Palmas" welcome you on board. Through this small page we hope you to know us a little. What we did and what we do, how we do, what we have and who we are.

The oceanographic research vessel "Las Palmas" was closely linked to the history of Spain on the frozen continent.

The ship was built in Santander in 1978 by Chantiers de l'Atlantique.

In 1982 it was acquired by the Spanish Navy, which gave it rescue operations, towing, maritime surveillance, exercises, help in disaster areas, pollution of the sea, supporting the Spanish fishing fleet, etc.

As Oceanographic Research Vessel "Las Palmas" was the first Spanish ship that participated in scientific missions in Antarctica, particularly during 1988 and 1991, before BIO "Hesperides" went into service. He participated annually in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science in the Spanish Antarctic campaign developed by the Spanish Polar Committee.

In 1999, the ship suffered a major modification work to comply strictly with environmental protection in accordance with the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty.

The "Las Palmas" reported directly to the Chief Admiral Maritime Action Force, based in Cartagena.

The ship has a crew of 35 people and since April 2004, is based in Cartagena (Murcia).

From January 2015 the vessel went from BIO to auxiliary vessel B / A. In this new operational phase, the ship has gone to support work on exercises and national collaborations.

The "Las Palmas" has shown great versatility to perform a lot of tasks ranging from collaborations exercises trailer towing targets for shooting practice, funding and collection of any type of exercise mine, torpedo collection ... .; to participation in national and international support vessel as divers with a unit of the CBA or UBMCM integrated onboard exercises.

Thanks to its great habitability in relation to its size this ship is a great platform for transport, hence to be of use for the relief personnel of the detachment of the Alboran Island. Also for this reason and the capacity to transport more auxiliary containers, diving units have a predilection for the use of this ship maneuvers.

The ship "Las Palmas" is a tug of height which was modified and prepared for logistics missions in Antarctic waters; its hull was reinforced, its navigation and communication systems were improved and expanded habitability to transport up to 20 scientists.

At the same time, the ship was adapted to comply with stringent regulations required for navigation in Antarctica. For example, compliance with the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty "Prevention of Marine Pollution", the ship has tank sludge and dirty oil, equipment for treating oily water and garbage incinerator. In addition, non-organic trash is compacted, stored in special boxes and evacuated on arrival in port.

Displacement: 1.500 tons.

Length: 41.2 m.

Beam: 11.6 m

Draft: 5.5m

Fuel: 510 tons of DFM.

Water: 110 tons.

Range: 7,000 nautical miles at 10 knots.

Propulsion: 2 7,040 HP diesel engines.

Provision: 35 (Commander, Deputy Commander, 3 officers, 4 noncommissioned officers, 26 corporals 1 / ends / sailors).

Occupancy: 33 beds for crew, 20 beds transport

Load up: 3 containers.


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