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Foto 1. Lanchas Hidrográficas LHT'S
Foto 1. Lanchas Hidrográficas LHT'S
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Foto 1. Lanchas Hidrográficas LHT'S
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Hydrographic craft LHT
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Hydrographic craft LHT

The LHT A-91 “Astrolabio” was built by RODMAN Shipyards in Vigo, and delivered to the Spanish Navy in November 2001. Her home port is Puntales Naval Station.

Next year the A-91 is upgraded and equipped with a multi-beam echo sounder similar to the one on board the ‘Hespérides’.

The second unit, “Escandallo” (A-92) was delivered in February 2004. Both craft are assigned to the Hydrographic Institute.

The LHTs are tasked with hydrographic surveys of sea bottoms in ports, canals and anchorages, as well as other missions like:

  • Search and rescue of shipwrecks.
  • Verification of nautical charts, books of charts, tide records, lighthouse books, beacons, etc.
  • Installation of tide gauges.
  • Compilation of information on port communications, pilotage, traffic separation devices, wreckages, etc.

Cruise speed is 20 knots but the LHTs sail at 8 knots when they deploy the multi-beam echo sounders.


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