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3<sup>rd</sup> Mechanized Landing Battalion (BDMZ-III)
3rd Mechanized Landing Battalion (BDMZ-III)
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3<sup>rd</sup> Mechanized Landing Battalion (BDMZ-III)
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3<sup>rd</sup> Mechanized Landing Battalion (BDMZ-III)
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3<sup>rd</sup> Mechanized Landing Battalion (BDMZ-III)
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3<sup>rd</sup> Mechanized Landing Battalion (BDMZ-III)
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3<sup>rd</sup> Mechanized Landing Battalion (BDMZ-III)

Welcome to the website of the 3rd Mechanized Landing Battalion (BDMZ-III).

Here, you will see the mechanized elements of this Marine Corps Unit which permit fast and forceful actions like the cavalry regiments of old. That is why our coat of arms holds a rampant unicorn.

The modern vehicles and assets are manned with the inherent professionalism of the Marines, trained in all aspects of warfare. They are the heirs of a long tradition of the most important values of the Corps: Comradeship, Loyalty and Discipline.

Our Headquarters are in San Carlos, near San Fernando (Cádiz), sharing facilities with the 1st and 2nd landing battalions.

The current workforce of the Mechanized Battalion consists of 386 Marines under the command of 1 Lieutenant-Colonel. There are 22 officers, 32 NCOs and 331 soldiers.

The structure of the BDMZ III is as follows:

  • Service and Staff Company
  • 9th Mechanized Rifle Company
  • 10th Mechanized Rifle Company
  • 11th Tank Company
  • 12th Anti-tank Weapons Company.

Service and Staff Company. It provides the Lieutenant-Colonel with the necessary units to plan and conduct operations with reconnaissance, intelligence and communications elements. It is also in charge of supplying all other logistic requirements.

9th and 10th Mechanized Rifle Companies., cThey are the main mechanized capability of the battalion, ready to accomplish the mission assigned with the "Piranha III-C" Armored Personnel Carrier vehicles. The mobility of these bullet-proof vehicles allow for fast incursions in difficult terrains providing protection to rifle Marines.

11th Tank Company. It provides the armored component of the BDMZ III. mechanized capability. Along with the Anti-tank Weapons Company, it is the main element to counter enemy armored vehicles.

12th Anti-tank Weapons Company., It provides the anti-tank combat capability to the BRIMAR with TOW 2 Systems, a second generation of heavy anti-tank weapons, and the fourth generation SPIKE LR DUAL long range missiles.

The 3rd Mechanized Landing Battalion is always ready to provide the MC Brigade with the necessary mechanized vehicles to accomplish the mission entrusted.

In order to carry out a fast and in-depth offensive attack, our battalion has armored vehicles and tanks. In defensive combats, this battalion is perfect for decisive counterattacks.

Our daily activity is aimed at training and upgrading the individual and collective capabilities of the Marines.

Marines train with a strict and thorough program including physical training, firing exercises, classes and drills, most of them carried out at the "Sierra del Retín" range, 40 kilometers from our Base.

As Marines, we have the same weapons as other BRIMAR components: FN-P9 HERSAL pistols; HK G-36 and KVE rifles; 5.56 and 7.62 MINIMI machineguns; 12.7mm BROWNING machineguns; MOSSBERG shotguns; AWF-308 ACCURACY and BARRET rifles, 40 mm grenade launchers, TOW-2 and SPIKE missiles.


  • Piranha III-C. 8x8 armored personnel carrier vehicles in different configurations: command, line, ambulance, reconnaissance and recovery.
  • HUMMER vehicles with TOW and SPIKE missile systems.
  • M60A3TTS tanks
  • HUMMER and NISSAN light cargo vehicles.

The BDMZ III has participated in the following operations:

  • Operation ALTHEA in Bosnia-Herzegovina under the auspices of the European Union (2010).
  • UN mission in Haiti, between 2004 and 2007 (MINUSTHA) and again in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake.
  • Operation LIBRE HIDALGO, in the Lebanon in different years, 2006, 2010 and 2011.

The Marine Corps 3rd Mechanized Landing Battalion was set up to deploy in former Yugoslavia in 1996 integrated into the NATO Implementation Force. It is the latest MC element combining modernity and tradition.

This 3rd Battalion was set up after dismantling the former Amphibious Mechanized Group. It operates M-60A3 tanks and LVTP-7 amphibious vehicles (Landing Vehicle Transport Personnel), subsequently upgraded to AAV7 (Amphibious Assault Vehicle).


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