Admiral Head of Logistic Support

Admiral Aniceto Rosique Nieto

Admiral Aniceto Rosique Nieto
Admiral Aniceto Rosique Nieto
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Admiral Aniceto Rosique Nieto

Admiral Aniceto Rosique Nieto was born in Fuente-Álamo (Murcia) on November the 13th of 1960. He joined the Spanish Navy at the Military Naval Academy in 1979 and was graduated as Lieutenat-Junior Grade in July of 1984. He was promoted to Lieutenant in July of 1987 and nine years later, in 1996, to Lieutenant Commander. He was upgraded to Commander in July of 2003; to Captain in July of 2010. Rear-Admiral in August of 2013; Vice-Admiral December 2016 and Admiral in January of 2020.

He has a General Staff diploma granted by the Naval War College and also is graduated in Economics (Applied International Economics) by the UNED.

Being a specialist in Communications, he attended the Naval Command College Course for Senior International Officers” in Newport (Rhode Island, USA) and many other courses related with his career. He is also an Athletics and Land Sports Trainer.

He has been on board the corvette “Descubierta”, the training ship “Juan Sebastián de Elcano” and the corvette “Vencedora” as Communications and Operations Chief. Afterwards he was appointed at the 21st Escort Corvette Squadron as Commands Officer and MCM Force Commands Officer.

At sea, he has commanded the following units: minesweeper “Duero” between 1993 and 1994; the MCM command ship “Diana”, from 2000 to 2001; Frigate “Méndez Núñez” as Keel Commander and Commanding Officer, between 2004 and 2007; and Commander of the 31st Escort Squadron from 2011 to 2013.

Related to in land appointments, he has been the Brigade Commander of the Navy Weapons School (EARMA), Chief of Internal Security at the CEVACO, Assistant of the Naval Staff Secretary, Technical Adviser of the Minister of Defense Technical Cabinet (MINISDEF), Deputy Director/ Head Teacher at the Military Naval Academy and Assistant of the Admiral Chief of the Navy Staff Technical Cabinet.

As an Admiral, he has been Chief of the Operations Section at the Navy Staff, Director of Naval Education and, from December of 2016 to January of 2020, Admiral Head of the Military Arsenal at Cartagena.

He has been a teacher, acting as a Substitute Tutor, at the UNED (Cartagena) along the course 2018/2019 of the Degree in Law: “Public Finance” and “Public Sector Economics”.

He is appointed Admiral Head of the Logistic Support Agency of the Spanish Navy on January 28th of 2020.

Admiral Rosique was awarded the following decorations: Great Cross of Naval Merit (White Badge), Great Cross, Commendation and Plaque of San Hermenegildo, Army Merit Cross (White Badge), seven Naval Merit Crosses (White Badge), Cross of the Royal Order of ‘San Hermenegildo’, Naval Merit Cross (Peru), Kuwait Liberation Medal, and the Peace-keeping Operations Medal.

On July the 20th of 2017, he was named the Favorite Son (“Hijo Predilecto”) of his hometown, the very Noble and Loyal Villa of “Fuente-Álamo (Murcia)”.

On April the 13th of 2018, he was awarded with the Special Mention of Sport of the City Council of “La Unión (Murcia)”.

As soon as languages are concerned, he has the NATO English language profile.

He is married and has two sons. His hobbies, among others, are: sports (triathlon and tennis), reading and music.


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