Naval Action Admiral Antonio Martorell Lacave

Naval Action Admiral Antonio Martorell Lacave

Naval Action Admiral Antonio Martorell Lacave
Naval Action Admiral Antonio Martorell Lacave
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Naval Action Admiral Antonio Martorell Lacave

Vice Admiral Antonio Martorell Lacave was born in Bilbao on 22nd August 1960. He joined Marín’s Naval Academy in 1979, graduating in 1984.

Throughout his career, he has served on board different frigates, corvettes, minesweepers and minehunters as Deputy Commander, Chief of Operations and Chief of Combat System, among other commissions.

These have been his Command assignments: Commander of Minesweeper "Miño", first Commander of Minehunter "Turia", Commander of 1st MCM Squadron, Commander of Standing Countermine Measures Group no. 2 of the Atlantic Alliance, and Commander of Amphibious Assault Ship "Castilla".

In Afloat Staffs, he was Executive Officer of the 2nd Minesweeper Squadron and Executive Officer of the 21st Escort Squadron.

Some of his shore assignments were: lecturer in the department of organisation of the Armed Forces Higher School, Chief of the Torpedoes Workshop at Cartagena Shipyard, three times commissioned in the Spanish Navy’s Staff, and Chief of the European Union Area of the Directorate General for Defence Policy, reporting to the Ministry of Defence.

Abroad, he was assigned for three years to the NATO’s Joint General Headquarters in Naples, Exercise Division.

He obtained his Military Staff Diploma and he is specialist in ASW. He has completed courses including Advanced Tactics Officer and Communications. Abroad, he completed the CSDP High Level Course at the European School of Security and Defence, the NATO Senior Officer Police Course, and the Bi-SC Command and Control Course.

On 25th July 2014 he was promoted to Rear Admiral and was appointed as the Head of the Logistics Division of the Navy Staff. On 22nd April 2015, he was appointed as Commanding Officer of the Naval Action Group-2.

Since 6th June 2017, he has assumed Command of SPMARFOR.

On 23rd June 2017 he was promoted Vice Admiral.

He has been awarded with the Big Cross, Plaque, Commendation and Cross of San Hermenegildo, Big Cross of Naval Merit, four Naval Merit Crosses with White Badge, a Military Merit Cross with White Badge, a Kuwait Liberation Medal, a Brazilian Naval Medal, an "Active Endeavour" Operation Medal, a Peace Operations Badge and two Honourable Mentions.

He is married and is father of three children.


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